What I Thought About it Thursday - The Couple Next Door

  If you have ever seen any of my other WITAIT posts- you know I read mostly all 'chick-lit'. But I have branched out a bit into some other genres and have found a good one in this next book. It is a book I probably never would have even picked up off a shelf a year ago, but came across it on Book of the Month club. (I do not currently have BOTM but I signed up for one month because this book intrigued me... I am so picky that being in a BOTM club isn't really my thing because I would hate to have to pick a book just because it was there and not because I wanted to read it... but I digress-)

 So this week's WITAIT is this book:

The book starts out with new parents, Anne and Marco Conti being out a babysitter and having plans to go to a party next door... a party that was adamantly child free. The parents decide to go, with the baby sleeping at home, and baby monitor in hand. They decided to check on the baby every 30 minutes- knowing nothing could go wrong in 30 minutes and having the monitor would help them know if any unusual sounds were being made. When they arrive home from the party that evening, they find out that they were wrong, and things CAN go wrong in a 30 minute time span. As the cops come in to help figure out what happened, Marco and Anne's united front starts crumbling before them. Some of the characters were digging their holes so deep, it was almost as if they would never come out.

This book was a quick read... and I am not sure if that is because I just needed to keep going to find out what happened or what, but I typically don't read suspenseful books as fast as I read this one. As you read through this book, pieces of the story start to unfold and I felt like I was more shocked with each one. You find out people aren't quite who you thought they were- a new mom suffering from depression, a new dad in financial trouble, the neighbor who is hitting on said new dad (but the reason why...), Anne's parents and their feelings about Marco... etc.  Some of the pieces I started putting together earlier than I usually do. (Let's face it- I can NEVER predict how a book, tv show, or movie is going to end.) Even though I started piecing it together, it did NOT stop me from wanting to keep going. 

I can't honestly say how I felt about the ending of the book. The book was good. I would recommend it to others. But the ending I felt was kind of left open... like maybe there COULD be a sequel but if not, then it wouldn't be the end of the world (though I would still be sitting here with questions). I kind of hope there is another book coming so we can see what happens, but I can't say I am too shocked with how it ended. Overall I would probably give this 4.5/5 stars... only because I want to know if there will be more to the story. 

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