A change in direction...

  If you follow this blog (which probably isn't many people, if any with the way I have been slacking) you noticed that I haven't posted regularly in a long time. It is just not possible to catch up and I was adamant that I didn't want to post new things until we were all caught up. But it isn't going to happen. So I have decided to change directions (slightly) with this blog. I was getting ready for bed last night and started thinking about how much I missed blogging. I may not be the best writer (nevermind that I teach writing...) but it is something that I enjoy. So while getting ready I had all these ideas of things I would like to blog about... and I contemplated starting a whole new blog because they aren't all Payton and Ariana related. But then decided that no, I wouldn't do that because THIS is my blog. THIS is what I have put work into years ago. And quite frankly, I love the design that I got done for it and don't want to just abandon it. Yes there will still be posts about the girls. But there will be other things as well... 

Here are some ideas I have floating around- 
Miscellaneous Mondays- if I post on a Monday it will be something that doesn't fit in with another day's theme. I also considered Motivational Monday... if I have a motivating quote or story that I want to share, it might be here. 

Tell it Like it is Tuesday- if I have a random story, one of those "you can't make this stuff up" stories, I am sharing it here. I have quite a few of them, often times from work (names will be changed) and I want to type them all out to look back on in a few years and laugh. sometimes these stories might be about our own kids too... you just never know what will happen on Tuesdays.  

Working on Me Wednesdays- I have decided in 2017 I am working on me. Yes I want to lose weight (who doesn't in the new year) but that isn't ALL this will be about. I might talk about weight loss, fitness things, things I am doing to be healthier. I might talk about something I have done for myself recently (because I need to take time to care for myself and not just everyone else), hobbies, etc. I may also do a Wordless Wednesday if I have some pictures that I want to share that have no words needed.

What I thought about it Thursdays- this is going to be a favorite for me. I have done these before and I want to do them again. It will be reviews- mainly of books I am reading. I LOVE to read (and I really wish I got paid to do it... does that job exist?!) I love to hear about new books and figure others might find some new books that they may not have read otherwise. 

Family Fridays- This will be when I post updates on the girls and things that we do as a family. 

Does this mean I am posting every day of the week? Heavens no. It just means that I am giving myself a kinda schedule/format so that I know what kinds of things I want to blog about.  And now that you have made to the end of my "brain dump" post just so that I could get all my thoughts out... here are some recent pics for you (phone pictures so not the best quality, but I am currently on my laptop and my good pictures go on the desktop). 

First up- a couple pictures of shirts that I made the girls to wear. 

And then there's this--- how Ari felt about being woken up Christmas morning. This is the first year that Payton woke up early to see if Santa came and we told her she had to wait until Ariana woke up but after her waiting almost 2 hours, we finally let her go wake Ari up. 

And after all the present opening was done, the girls got all dressed to go next door to my parents' house and do it again...

And yesterday, while running errands, Payton asked if the girls could sit in the big cart at Target. I hate these carts and was always able to say no because we would need to save them for someone that needed two seats... since Ariana is big enough to sit there, I let her ride it in. They were both in their glory... Payton because she finally got to sit in the seat with her own sister, and Ariana because, well, who knows why, but look at her!

And then today, while cleaning, Ariana got ahold of Tim's cup that I made him (no worries- there was only water in the cup)... even she is sick about this 17 year playoff drought we have going on here in Buffalo...

And as if on cue- Ariana has woken from her nap... 

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