We officially have a Kindergartener

I can't believe I just typed those words in the title. We have a KINDERGARTENER. And, thanks to facebook's "on this day" we found out that she started her first day of kindergarten exactly 5 years from the day she started her first day at Mother's Day Out (I still miss those teachers). 

Since I am a teacher I was REALLY upset that I wouldn't be at school with her for her first day. Luckily her school has half days the first week and the very first day was an hour and a half, with parents, either morning or afternoon. I requested afternoon because I have a half day at my school in the morning. My principal let me run out after the kids and I made it home in time to take a few pics, get in the car, and take my baby to school. Real school. Not in the same building as mommy (she did go to pre-k but I feel like that was different because it was in my school). 

So here are some pictures from her first day at school... 
breakfast (and yes the girl CAN drink from a normal cup, but I hate cleaning spilled milk and this prevents that)

so excited!

me and my girl
walking down the hall to her classroom
taking a practice bus ride
Payton absolutely LOVES school and LOVES her teacher. She had half days all last week and came home every day raving about what they did, telling me the FULL plot of books they read, writing her own stories to mimic the books they read... it is AMAZING. I can't wait to see how much she learns and grows this year... even if it means our baby is growing up. 

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