7-9 months

I don't even know where to begin with how bad I am at this blogging thing. School is was out so I should have time to catch up, but I have been busy crafting. Eh well... someday... but until then I will at the very least try to keep up with this girl's monthly updates. ( I have since decided to just start new and not try to play catch up.. so here we are in Sept starting new... we have done a lot in the past couple years. The end lol) I was doing good keeping track of her 7 month stats... but I never took the pics. Then, 8 months came and went and I never even updated the post... so I give you the thrown together, everything that has happened in the past 3 months post... (and with turning 9mos at the start of football season, you get football themed 9 month photos)

Sleep-  Ariana has become such a good sleeper. I am so glad because it is summer and I need some sleep. Ariana usually goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 (depending on what time she eats). She also (usually) takes a solid 2-3 hour nap in the morning after eating and usually takes an evening/afternoon nap for an hour or two. 
Daily Routine-  Now that I am home for summer, we have a very good routine going on. We wake up somewhere between 8 and 9am (yes both of my kids are finally sleeping in!). Ariana has breakfast pretty much as soon as she wakes up. After eating her cereal and formula, she plays for about an hour until she gets fussy. Once she is fussy, she goes down for her nap. At that time, Payton and I work on sight words and then she plays while I craft/do things around the house/prep for next year/etc. After she wakes up, we all have lunch and then head outside for the rest of the day (if it is a nice day). Around 4pm she gets tired again and takes her second nap. She will wake up and sometimes eats right away, sometimes waits a little bit. Lately she has been eating just that third time then not making it to her bedtime bottle and cereal, but we still PLAN for four meals a day. If it is bath night, she gets a bath and then plays until bed time. 
Feeding- 7 months is pretty much like 6 months. She eats (usually) 4 times a day, 6 ounces of formula each time, with cereal with the first and last bottle and a fruit/vegetable with the second and third bottle. She LOVES puffs for snacks and mum mums. We have also given her yogurt which she likes. She pretty much likes everything. She has had tastes of everything we eat because we have decided to make her try everything at a young age so she isn't picky like Payton. So far, she hasn't spit a thing out!
At 9 months Ariana eats 3x a day with a couple snacks in between. She eats 8 ounces and half a container (3 tbs) of baby food or 3tbs of cereal. We also let her try pretty much everything that we eat and she has loved it all. If we are eating and it isn't time for her to eat yet, we have to either give her some of ours or give her some puffs because she will yell that we aren't sharing. Her snacks are usually puffs but sometimes she gets mum mums still. 

birth- 8lbs 3oz... left the hospital at 7lbs 12oz... weight check at 5 days old was 7lbs 14oz
2 weeks- (which ended up being 2 weeks 6 days)... 8lbs 12oz!  (56th percentile)
1 month- She didn't have a one month appointment so my at home estimate is... 9lbs 3oz
2 months-10lbs 8oz (50th percentile)
3 months- No appointment so my at home estimate is 11lbs 5oz
4 months- 13lbs 9oz
5 months- Our at home estimate is 14lbs 9oz
6 months-  15lbs 1oz (30th percentile)
7 months- at home estimate is 17lbs
8 months- at home estimate is 18lbs
9 months- coming soon (dr appt on the 16th)
birth- 20 inches just like her sister
2 weeks- 20.25 inches (40th percentile)
1 month- My guess would be 21 inches
2 months- 22.25 inches (50th percentile)
3 months- I am estimating 23.5 inches
4 months- 24 inches
5 months- I forgot to measure
6 months- 25.25 inches (30th percentile)
7 months- at home estimate 26inches
8 months- at home estimate 26.5 inches
9 months- coming soon (dr appt on the 16th)
Diaper size- still in a size 2 (thankfully because we have a TON of those boxes left). I feel like soon enough we will be in 3s... which means I will exchanging a LOT of size 2s for size 3s. 
Clothing size- Well... she can fit in pretty much anything from 3mos (yes at 7 mos some of her 3 mos stuff still fits, but I packed most of it up since it was winter attire) to 6 mos. I have a few things out that are 6-9mos or 9mos but haven't tried them on her. The other day she wore nb size bloomers. Shes a tiny one like her sister.  (This is still true at 9 months... I don't even know if I have even pulled ANY of her 9 mos clothes out of the box and into the closet yet!)
Hair color-
birth- brown 

1 month- Still brown but, like her sister, Ariana is losing the patch of hair in the back of her head. She also has a lot less hair than Payton did and it is much thinner. She is also losing hair off the top... she is just a cute hot mess.
2 months- the little bit she has is brown... but there is not much there at all.
3 months- same as last month... brown but not much of it. 
4 months- brown and more is coming in on the top. She has the infamous bald spot in the back of her head that is showing no signs of growing in any time soon. 
5 months- It is finally starting to come back in and it's 'peach fuzzy'... still brown. 
6 months- Her bald spot is filling in in the back and she has some brown hair all over. 
7 months- pretty dark but still not a lot of it... thin and still a bald spot in the back. 
8 months- that bald spot is getting smaller and her hair is coming in... it will be a while before she has enough to do anything with but it is growing!
9 months- brown and that bald spot is ALMOST all gone!! 
Eye color-
birth- blue/gray 
1 month- Still a very pretty blue/gray color. I love it. 
2 months- still the same... still holding out hope that they stay this way
3 months- still blue/gray. Still holding out hope. 
4 months- mostly still blue/gray but the other day they looked green so we aren't sure what they are going to be!
5 months- still blue/gray and some days they look a little green. I really love her big eyes!
6 months- gray? green?  honestly I have no idea but I know they aren't brown. And she has lashes for days!
7 months- terrible- I have no clue. I am going with gray or hazel depending on the day. 
8 months- green? hazel? honestly I have no idea and it seems no one else does either because people compliment her eyes ALL the time but NO ONE knows the color. 
9 months- hazel I think. 
Favorite toy/entertainment- Oh she has SO MANY favorite toys now. She LOVES her Sophie. We also have a learning cube thing that she loves to play with. And her cow is still a favorite. She also loves to be in her walker. At 8 mos her favorite toy is anything she can't have. She also really likes the ball popper dinosaur and the ball popper toy that we had from when Payton was a baby.

Nicknames- stinker pants and ari are the top 2

Funniest/Favorite moments- I think my favorite moment this month was watching her learn to crawl. She is getting there and has mastered the army crawl. She can fly but can't quite figure out how to crawl. (this was 7 months) My current personal favorite is watching the girl chew. She chews like she has a mouth full of teeth and it really is just adorable. Oh another favorite is when someone chants "ARI ARI ARI" and she shakes her hands up and down. 
Milestones-  Wow I never filled this out for 7 months so I am going to try to combine 7 and 8 month milestones... (and 9 months)
shortly after turning 7 mos (like days after I wrote that last sentence above) she figured out how to crawl. 
She also figured out how to get from the living room to the kitchen (we have a step up)
She can now climb the stairs (unfortunately) and we have gates everywhere because of it. 
She can wave bye bye and gets really proud of herself when she does it
She has popped her 3rd tooth (and it is NOT her center top teeth, it is next to the front 2)
She can stand for a good 15 seconds unsupported. 

Firsts- and I never filled this out either so I have to combine the 7 and 8 mos and 9 mos

first TWO teeth came by 7 mos-- literally within a day of each other
first time crawling
first time eating dinner with us (our food)
first time standing
first time tasting dog food (and she has tried many many times since- we are constantly chasing her away and scooping it out of her mouth. She gets into it so sneakily.)
first trip to the fair
first 'vacation' to Toronto (the child HATES the car)
first time at the beach 
time standing in the crib- which led to lowering the mattress. 
bath without the baby tub- thanks to an explosion that led to dumping her right in the tub- she now bathes without the baby tub 

Ariana- everyone you meet is just enamored with you and you have the best personality. You are growing so much so fast. I wish I could slow down time and keep you this small forever. I love watching you learn and discover new things and I will miss spending all day with you now that I have go to back to work. Don't grow too much during the day! (and save your first steps for when mommy and daddy are home please!)

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