5 months and 6 months

I am doing so bad at getting caught up on this thing. I swear I do have a lot of posts planned out to catch everything up from Christmas 2014 until now... I just am short on time. I swear I will get there... I have to for myself more than anything. I have debated giving up on trying to catch up and just starting fresh, but I haven't given up yet. Hopefully this summer I can do some catching up. I am going to hope for 4 posts a week. That should get us the important things in anyways. Anyways, here are Ariana's 5 and 6 month stats. We never did a 5 month photo shoot so we skipped the post. 
Sleep-  5 months- Oh Ariana- her sleep is AWFUL. She gives my dad such a hard time and will ONLY nap on him... which results in rough nights for us. I don't even know how long she sleeps during the day. She SHOULD be taking a morning and afternoon nap before I get home and then POSSIBLY a short evening nap before having her last bottle, but that doesn't always happen. We have found if she takes solid naps WITHOUT being held, she sleeps great. If she naps on someone or has shortened/interrupted naps, she sleeps awful at night. Example- we had a BEAUTIFUL day a couple weeks ago. We put her in the stroller and went out to clean our garage while Payton played. She napped a good 3 hours in the stroller, woke up to eat, stayed awake a little bit, then took another nap and slept all night. The following day, she only took one semi decent nap in her stroller and then slept on someone at a birthday party... she woke up at 3:30am after that... lately, she is doing better at night and sleeps through, for the most part. Every now and again Tim has to go into her room to give her the paci. 
At 6 months- Ariana is a great sleeper at night. She goes to bed anywhere between 8 and 9:30 (depending on what time her last meal is) and then sleeps until anywhere between 7 and 8:30 am. We had a pretty intense bedtime routine with her- baby bedtime lotion, bedtime oil on her feet and chest, aden + anais pajamas, and a sleep suit. But just recently she discovered she likes to sleep on her tummy and since she can roll both ways, we let her one night and she has been fine ever since without the sleep suit. It was actually accidental that we found out- we put her in for her late night nap and she didn't wake up for her last bottle. Slept all night in her diaper and on her belly. We do still do the lotion and oil and she does sleep in the aden + anais pjs still, but I am sure she would be fine in other pjs too. We actually bought the pjs because she loves the a+a blankets so much but I wouldn't let her sleep with one, so I figured let's give these a try. When we discovered she loved those just as much, we went and bought 3 in her current size, a onesie in her current size, and 2 pjs in the next size up. Napping during the day- ha. This girl is a cat napper. But she is happy most of the time with or without her nap, so we can't really complain. Happy kid that sleeps all night. 
Daily Routine-  5 months- Honestly, I don't know haha. Since we aren't the ones home with her I didn't type this ON her 5 month day like I did everything else, so this is her routine as of 5 months and 2 weeks old. I know she wakes up between 7 and 830 usually for cereal and a bottle. Sometimes she goes right to nap after that and other times she stays awake for a bit. It seems lately she has been taking LONG naps on my dad before having lunch. When I get home from work she wakes up from a nap and we play until it is time to eat again. She stays awake for a couple hours and we play with toys, work on our 'skills' (aka she rolls around when I don't want her to and she tries sitting up). She takes a short nap (sometimes) before waking up to eat. After having her last bottle and cereal she gets a bath on bath nights, stays awake a little bit, and then goes to bed. 

At 6 months- her routine is pretty much the same, but a lot more playing and a lot less napping. Now that it is nice out, she loves going to sit outside in her exersaucer on the porch while Payton plays. 
Feeding5 monthsAriana LOVES foods. I can't wait to get those pics uploaded. She eats a bottle at around 6am usually (6 ounces). Her next bottle she gets her cereal (2tbs) and 6 ounces of formula (well a little less than 6 since we use some of it to mix the cereal). Lunch she gets about a third of a container of veggies/fruit with 6 ounces of formula. Same for dinner. Her last bottle she gets cereal again with 6 ounces of formula. Sometimes she gets a 'snack' of a mum mum, which she LOVES. We were at 7 ounces before but shortly after the 7 ounce transition she just couldn't handle it so we went back down to 6 and she is happy. Some days she doesn't wake up at 6 which means her first bottle of the day starts her cereal routine. 

At 6 months- Ariana eats 4 times a day. 6 ounces of formula with (now) 3tbs of cereal (this just started this week). 4 hours later- 6 ounces of formula after having half a small container of food. 4 hours later- same as lunch. Then 4 hours later same as breakfast. I am probably going to increase her food amount soon because she devours it and really likes it but I am waiting until we get through all the small containers and then I will increase when we have bigger containers. 
birth- 8lbs 3oz... left the hospital at 7lbs 12oz... weight check at 5 days old was 7lbs 14oz
2 weeks- (which ended up being 2 weeks 6 days)... 8lbs 12oz!  (56th percentile)
1 month- She didn't have a one month appointment so my at home estimate is... 9lbs 3oz
2 months-10lbs 8oz (50th percentile)
3 months- No appointment so my at home estimate is 11lbs 5oz
4 months- 13lbs 9oz
5 months- Our at home estimate is 14lbs 9oz
6 months-  15lbs 1oz (30th percentile)

birth- 20 inches just like her sister
2 weeks- 20.25 inches (40th percentile)
1 month- My guess would be 21 inches
2 months- 22.25 inches (50th percentile)
3 months- I am estimating 23.5 inches
4 months- 24 inches
5 months- I forgot to measure
6 months- 25.25 inches (30th percentile)
Diaper size- 5 monthswe THOUGHT Ariana was going to be out of the 1s but we were wrong. We switched her to Huggies size 1s because they are slightly bigger than the Pampers and I KNEW the 2s would be too big. I am thinking once these Huggies are gone we will be good to go to the 2s... we will find out. 

At 6 months we are in size 2 pampers. Hooray for being back in Pampers!

Clothing size5 months3 months. I have pulled out some 3-6 month outfits as well because they are the 'warmer weather' clothes but they are still a little big. 

At 6 months- she actually still was fitting in some of her 3 month clothes but I packed them all away so she could wear her summery stuff. She is in 3-6 month or 6 month things now. 
Hair color-
birth- brown 

1 month- Still brown but, like her sister, Ariana is losing the patch of hair in the back of her head. She also has a lot less hair than Payton did and it is much thinner. She is also losing hair off the top... she is just a cute hot mess.
2 months- the little bit she has is brown... but there is not much there at all.
3 months- same as last month... brown but not much of it. 
4 months- brown and more is coming in on the top. She has the infamous bald spot in the back of her head that is showing no signs of growing in any time soon. 
5 months- It is finally starting to come back in and it's 'peach fuzzy'... still brown. 
6 months- Her bald spot is filling in in the back and she has some brown hair all over. 

Eye color-

birth- blue/gray 
1 month- Still a very pretty blue/gray color. I love it. 
2 months- still the same... still holding out hope that they stay this way
3 months- still blue/gray. Still holding out hope. 
4 months- mostly still blue/gray but the other day they looked green so we aren't sure what they are going to be!
5 months- still blue/gray and some days they look a little green. I really love her big eyes!
6 months- gray? green?  honestly I have no idea but I know they aren't brown. And she has lashes for days!
Favorite toy/entertainment- 5 monthsOh this girl LOVES her toys... She loves to be in her exersaucer and jumper and play with/eat the toys on that. She also still loves her little Cody toy. She also got a little cow toy that plays music that she loves. 

At 6 months this is still the same. She loves toys in general now. She has a toy that is like a huge gumball machine that Payton loves teaching her how to play with too. 
Nicknames- Ariana stinkapants (she LOVES this one), Bubbles (because she blows bubbles so much), stinka stinks, Baldilocks (given to her by Aunt Ashleigh), Chunks, sleepy head (Payton gave her that one), chunky monkey, Ari, chunker butt, stinka stinks, Ariana so big... 
Funniest/Favorite moments- I think one of the funny moments this past month was when Tim 'stood' her against the couch. She got so proud of herself and excited that she would topple back into Tim's hands. OH and another of the funniest would be the night I was giving her cereal. She eats in her bumbo seat with her tray. I had the bowl of cereal on her tray and apparently wasn't feeding her fast enough. She picked up the bowl and tried to lick the cereal right out of the bowl. AND the last funniest would be when I fed her bananas for the first time. The first few bites she thought they were pretty good. After that she started making the funniest pucker face. (Video below)
Milestones- 5 months rolling over from back to belly!! I have been waiting for this one. 

At 6 months- she FINALLY decide to give holding her own bottle a try. She won't do it all the time. But she CAN. And that is what matters. She also props herself up really high on her arms and REALLY wants to figure out how to crawl but can't quite figure it out. Has no interest in sitting up because she wants to move all over. She does however roll where ever it is she wants to go. 


time having green beans
time having mum mums
time staying in her crib (I think... we were so lost about her horrible sleeping that we just spontaneously switched her to her crib. She comes in our room in the pack n play after her first bottle still.) (at the time of this posting and just days after her 5 month celebration we took down the pack n play!)
time using the magic sleep suit (LOVE this thing)
time TRYING to hold the bottle successfully... it isn't often she gets it but she sure tries
time trying to feed herself with the spoon- again, I wasn't fast enough so she tried to pull it out of my hand and feed herself. 
time actually jumping in the jumper on her own
time spending the whole day outside FINALLY
time having squash
time having peas
time having bananas
time having pears
time having peaches
time having apples
time having sweet potatoes
time having carrots 
time sleeping on her belly 
time holding her bottle on her own
Ariana- you have become such a happy baby and we love you more than words could describe. Your sister is just smitten with you and loves helping you, teaching you how to do things, and playing with you. When I was pregnant I was worried about how I would possibly have enough love to spread between two kids, but it turns out, I was worried for nothing. I can't imagine not having enough love to give each of you equally. You are the perfect addition to our family and your smile just brings a smile to everyone's face. You are beautiful and full of personality and I couldn't imagine life being any different with you!

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