4 months already!

Now that Ariana is almost 5 months I am finally getting around to putting the pics in this post so I can post it. I had it all typed on the right date... just didn't get a chance to sit down and put the pics in.. so here we go... Ariana's stats as of April 3 when she turned 4 months old... And you will notice her 4 month pics have a Braves theme because we took them on opening day for the Braves.

-  What a mess this one is... at the time of typing this, Ariana sleeps MOSTLY through the night. She typically goes to bed at about 8:30 but then has her last bottle around 10:30 or 11 and then doesn't eat again until her next bottle in the morning. For some reason, she has been waking up at about 2am for some unknown reason. I am hoping that her new sleepsuit I ordered will help. That, or the cereal, or increasing her bottle ounces, once we get to that point. 

Daily Routine-  Ariana wakes up around 6 to eat and then goes back to bed for a few hours. After that (from my understanding of what happens when I am not there) she is up for a bit then eats again and gets dressed and cleaned up for the day. She plays for a little bit until taking another nap (I think). She wakes up for her 3rd bottle and plays again. After playing is when she gets to be a trouble maker. She SHOULD be napping again but she gives my dad a hard time and won't sleep, or won't stay asleep. I come home between 3:30 and 4 and if she is awake, we play for a little bit until she can't stay awake anymore and stops fighting the sleep. She naps and usually wakes up to eat again around 5:30 when Tim is getting home. IF she doesn't nap, somewhere around 5 she gets in the baby bjorn and we cook dinner. Apparently she thinks she needs to be involved in that. After her dinner bottle she stays awake pretty much until bedtime. We do bath and baby massage around 7:30 and then by 8:30 she goes to bed. Typically she wakes up at around 10:30 or 11 to have her last bottle and then goes back to bed for the night. 
Feeding-  We just increased to 7 ounces every 4 hours or so. 6 ounces was typically enough but some times she wanted to eat too early, so we are trying the 7 ounces. At this point in life, Payton was eating 7 ounces every 4 hours but having 8 ounces at bed time so it seems like she is right on track. Of course I think Payton was only eating 4 times a day, where Ariana is eating 5. She is our little chunker. 
birth- 8lbs 3oz... left the hospital at 7lbs 12oz... weight check at 5 days old was 7lbs 14oz
2 weeks- (which ended up being 2 weeks 6 days)... 8lbs 12oz!  (56th percentile)
1 month- She didn't have a one month appointment so my at home estimate is... 9lbs 3oz
2 months-10lbs 8oz (50th percentile)
3 months- No appointment so my at home estimate is 11lbs 5oz
4 months-13lbs 9oz

birth- 20 inches just like her sister
2 weeks- 20.25 inches (40th percentile)
1 month- My guess would be 21 inches
2 months- 22.25 inches (50th percentile)
3 months- I am estimating 23.5 inches
4 months- 24 inches
Diaper size- still in size 1s but BARELY. Looks like we will be exchanging a few boxes of 1s for 2s soon here. 

Clothing size- 3 months still. Thank goodness because there are a few 3 month outfits she has not gotten to wear yet thanks to mother nature being a tad confused. 
Hair color-
birth- brown 

1 month- Still brown but, like her sister, Ariana is losing the patch of hair in the back of her head. She also has a lot less hair than Payton did and it is much thinner. She is also losing hair off the top... she is just a cute hot mess.
2 months- the little bit she has is brown... but there is not much there at all.
3 months- same as last month... brown but not much of it. 
4 months- brown and more is coming in on the top. She has the infamous bald spot in the back of her head that is showing no signs of growing in any time soon. 
Taking pictures of these two together is a circus in itself
Eye color-
birth- blue/gray 
1 month- Still a very pretty blue/gray color. I love it. 
2 months- still the same... still holding out hope that they stay this way
3 months- still blue/gray. Still holding out hope. 
4 months- mostly still blue/gray but the other day they looked green so we aren't sure what they are going to be!
see what I mean?
Favorite toy/entertainment- Ariana LOVES her exersaucer and jumper. She is starting to play with the toys that are attached to those two things and spends a good amount of time in there. 

Nicknames- Bubbles (because she blows bubbles so much),  Baldilocks (given to her by Aunt Ashleigh), Chunks, sleepy head (Payton gave her that one), chunky monkey, Ari, chunker butt, stinka stinks, Ariana so big... 

Funniest/Favorite moments- I think her funny moments are when she does something 'wrong' and then smiles... ie- leaks through her diaper, throws her toy... and then we say something to her about it and she just grins.. can't help but laugh at her. Another is giving her food... I knew she would like food and she did not disappoint. She loves to eat. 
Milestones- Ariana can sit for a couple seconds propping her hands in front of her to hold her up. She is 100% able to sit supported as well and loves to be sitting up. The only time she isn't sitting is if she is tired. 

St. Patrick's Day
time in the jumper
time trying to sleep in her crib (she slept a couple hours but woke up to eat and came back in our room in her pack n play)
time taking a bath with her sister (she was in her baby tub while Payton was in the bath- both of them got a kick out of this)
time trying mashed potatoes- we let her try a taste on Easter and she seemed to enjoy them
time purposely grabbing a toy and successfully putting it in your mouth (it was a teething toy)
time getting the paci in your mouth the right way
Things Ariana hates- nothing new has been discovered in this area. 
Ariana- you keep us on our feet every single day. Just when we think we have you all figured out, we are wrong. You throw us a curve ball and we have to figure out how to adjust. But we are handling it and adjusting... all the time. You are getting your own little personality and are becoming such a happy baby. Your cuddles are the best (when you will sit still long enough) and you give the best kisses (even if Payton says ew every time... she loves them and you). I was so worried about how we would adjust to having two kids and how I could possibly have enough love to give to two beautiful girls... but I do. You stole our hearts from day 1... just like everyone you meet. We love you tons and tons!