Disney Day 6 Part 1- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The next day of our 2014 trip started with something I was looking forward to. I have been waiting since I found out Payton was a girl for this day. It was finally her chance to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I was a little nervous at first since she does NOT like getting her hair done... but luckily it all turned out great. It took a little pixie dust to get us this appointment because there were no openings to be had... but we are very lucky to have gotten some help from an amazing magic maker ;). 

This day did not start good at all. Payton fell and scuffed up her knee and was not happy until she got in her princess dress and got in the chair. She got to pick out her makeup colors... 
And her hairstyle...
And then her Fairy Godmother in Training got down to business.
Anyone else think of Full House and Uncle Jesse's hair shield in that picture above? Because Tim and I both instantly thought of it when we saw her use it.
And then our girl started transforming into a real princess...

She of course picked blue nail polish and eye shadow. even though her dress is NOT blue...

And the final product... a beautiful Belle!

I was really worried that she would want to take her dress off immediately (we brought our own from JCP... better quality and a whole lot cheaper) because it would be itchy or hot or any other number of reasons. But she didn't. She kept it on ALL day... and kept her hair in the bun all day and night and even the next day. She LOVED it.

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Disney 2014 Day 5- Animal Kingdom

Last time I posted we were in Hollywood Studios for a very fun breakfast and event filled day. I am trying so so hard to get caught up on Payton's adventures so that I can be up to date for all the fun Payton AND Ariana are sure to have. So forgive me if the next however many posts til I get caught up are not very wordy and mostly just pictures...

The next day of our Sept 2014 Disney trip took us to Animal Kingdom again. But this time it was with the entire family. 

Where Payton rode the safari ride again.

And showed the zebras on the safari HER pet zebra. This has always been one of my favorite things she did. This started when she was really little and Tim took her to the zoo (one of many, MANY daddy daughter trips to the Memphis Zoo). She brought all her Fisher-Price zoo animals in a little backpack to the zoo and any time she saw an animal that she had, she would take it out and show the animal.
We took a break to play some drums..
And somewhat recreate a picture we took on our honeymoon. The original pic has the two of us playing the drums and kissing. So we decided to do one with Payton in the middle. I think it turned out pretty cute...
And we of course spent some time in Dino Land...
We of course did a lot more, but I just picked and chose a few of my favorite pictures from that day... because I am almost 18mos behind again. And I NEED to get caught up!

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Happy 1 month Ariana!

Well, better late than never since Ariana turned one month on the 3rd and I am just now getting this posted. We moved into our new house New Year's weekend so we were a little overwhelmed and didn't have time to do official one month pics... so her one month pics were taken today... at 6.5 weeks. But the information has been typed since she turned one month. Since it has been a couple weeks, I am going to give a little updated info too... But let me just say, that as HARD as this first month has been, we are all just so in love with this little girl... especially big sister Payton. 
Elephant made by Auntie- last name erased for privacy

Sleep-  Ariana... she is so NOT like her sister. Her sleep patterns are horrible. She will sleep great if she is in mommy's arms... but otherwise no. It takes a while for her to fall asleep, especially at night. Once she DOES settle, she will sleep for 3-4 hours (at night) and eat. I don't think we have ever gotten longer than a 4 hour stretch and it isn't often we get the full 4 hours by the time she actually stops being restless and actually starts sleeping. During the day, she naps pretty good once... the other naps are very restless and maybe last an hour. UPDATE- as of today, Ariana eats at about 8pm... then SHOULD sleep til eating again at midnight but for some reason she won't. She thinks it is party time. So she usually gets an hour in there and then we are up waiting to feed her at midnight. She eats then goes back to sleep until about 6. Eats then sleeps again until around 10 and we start our day.

Daily Routine- We do not have a routine with this girl... she leaves us guessing all the time. Ariana typically eats somewhere around 5 or 6am and then we go back to sleep. MOST times the first couple weeks, we would end up downstairs because she wants to cuddle and I won't let her lay on me in our bed. Lately she has been ok with going back to sleep in her own bed (which was the rock & play but just the other day we switched her to the pack n play and she is sleeping better). Then she eats again at around 9ish and we are up for the day. She eats every 3-4 hours and sleeps a lot in between. We are at the point where she will stay awake for a little while after eating most times now. Sometimes though she falls asleep before even finishing the bottle. At around 3, Ariana has her rough time... which can last anywhere from a couple hours to the rest of the night. Yes, she is a colicky one... I am hoping she is colicky only for 3 months likes many are. UPDATE- (see above for waking up times)... we have switched bottles and added gripe water and for the most part we are gaining a happy baby. She still has her moments but not nearly as bad. 
Blanket from Aunt Dani
Feeding- This girl loves to eat. I mean she eats all the time I feel like. 2 ounces didn't last very long.... so we upped her to 3 ounces... which ALSO didn't last very long. We are now at 4 ounces every 3-4 hours... usually every 3.5 hours. And the girl acts like she is starved every single time it is time to eat. At 3 weeks, we switched to similac sensitive, just like we did for Payton because she was fussy a lot... seeing how that goes. So far, I haven't noticed much of a difference in her fussiness but have noticed it in her diapers. We also recently had to abandon my beloved Tommee Tippee bottles and switch to Dr. Brown's because of her colic. We bought one pack to try and she was much better off so we immediately went and bought two more packs. (Yes I know TT has anit-colic bottles as well, we have two... but they weren't making a difference.) UPDATE- we are now up to 5oz bottles.. we have a chunker. She goes anywhere from 4-6 hours in between feeding and eats a total of 5 times a day. 
And the many faces of Ariana begin... 
birth- 8lbs 3oz... left the hospital at 7lbs 12oz... weight check at 5 days old was 7lbs 14oz
2 weeks- (which ended up being 2 weeks 6 days)... 8lbs 12oz!  (56th percentile)
1 month- She didn't have a one month appointment so my at home estimate is... 9lbs 3oz

birth- 20 inches just like her sister
2 weeks- 20.25 inches (40th percentile)
1 month- My guess would be 21 inches

Diaper size- still newborns until this pack runs out. Once we run out, I am hoping she will finally fit into the size 1s. We are going to compare the Huggies size 1s with the Pampers size 1s and go with whatever one is smaller first. When Payton was a baby, the Huggies ran a bit smaller so they were the perfect transition diapers for us when we were between diapers. So we will see if that happens to be the case again. Either way, I have plenty of size 1 diapers. UPDATE- we are in the Pampers size 1s. The Huggies I had were a little too big. It took a bit for these to fit and we have to make them fairly tight but they work. 

Clothing size- Newborns still. She is short so 0-3 month clothes are a tad too big and 3mos she drowns in. UPDATE- her newborns are getting to be too small... some pants are floods and some of her shirts have sleeves that are too short... but the 0-3 is still a tad big and 3 is huge... meaning her pants practically fall off. 

Hair color-
birth- brown 
1 month- Still brown but, like her sister, Ariana is losing the patch of hair in the back of her head. She also has a lot less hair than Payton did and it is much thinner. She is also losing hair off the top... she is just a cute hot mess.

Eye color-
birth- blue/gray 
1 month- Still a very pretty blue/gray color. I love it. 

Favorite toy/entertainment- Well... not much entertains her, but she really likes her swing. 

Nicknames- Chunks, sleepy head (Payton gave her that one), chunky monkey, Ari, chunker butt...

Funniest moments- At her 2 week appointment, she was finished with the naked part and as I went to get her dressed... I bet you can't guess what she did. Yep, peed... all over the table. And just like her sister did at her 1 month appointment, it would NOT stop. I shouldn't have been surprised. 

Favorite moment- Oh boy- the past month has been rather chaotic with moving and then dealing with Ariana's "moods" but I think my favorite moment is when she cuddles with me and sleeps so peacefully. Knowing that the cuddling doesn't last long and that she is our last baby, I am taking advantage of these cuddles. 

Milestones- Just like her sister, Ariana is very nosey. She likes to look around and has had good head control since she was born. She is always looking around and checking things out. As soon as we started tummy time she was able to pick her head up and hold it up for a decent amount of time, as well as turn it around to look from side to side. UPDATE- shortly after turning a month old, little Miss learned to roll from her belly to her back. The first time it was because she was having a meltdown and rolled. I didn't think she could really do it. The next day during tummy time, she did it again a few times... and then again another day.. and another day. She won't always do it, but she definitely knows how. 

First doctor appointment at 2 weeks
First bath
First move to a new house 
First photo shoot
First Christmas
First time staying with Papa (and coincidentally one of the times he kept her she did nothing but scream the whole time... colic at its finest)
First time running errands 

Things Ariana hates- her bouncy seat... keeping a paci in her mouth... being ignored for too long (heaven forbid she wake up from a nap and I am not right there in less than a minute)... not being fed the INSTANT she realizes she might be hungry.
When modeling gets to be too much work... 
Ariana- you have definitely proven you are NOT like your sister. You have given us a run for our money plenty of times and we are all exhausted. But you are the perfect little addition to our family and make us all so happy- especially your big sister Payton who is so, so proud to be your sister. She loves to show you off to anyone that comes over, loves to feed you, burp you, talk to you, hug you, read to you, play with you, give you your paci... everything but change a diaper. You are lucky to have such an amazing big sister and we are all lucky that God chose us to be your family. Even with your little bit of attitude at such a young age.