Back to School 2014

Silent Saturday- is that a thing? Can we make it one? Because there really isn't much to say about this post. Payton went to Pre-K3 last year for 3 half days a week. And she loved it. Here are her first day pictures...

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Itty Bitty v2.0 26 weeks

We are at 26 weeks! Almost to the "appointments every two weeks" point. And unfortunately, at the dreaded glucose test point... but more about all that below.

Date: August 27, 2015
How far along: 26 weeks (+1 day)
Weight gain: Well I think it is about 18lbs... however after this Disney trip, I am afraid to know. Either it stayed the same... or went up from all the food... or went down from all the walking.
Sleep: I am tired. Almost all the time again. It is really a shame because I do not have time for this exhaustion. Especially because I procrastinated and am NOT ready for back to school time.
Best moment of the week: Well (because I am typing this in advance) it hasn't happened YET but... finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl.
Movement: Yes, and it is getting more frequent. At my Dr. appointment last week, every time the Dr tried to find the heartbeat, the baby would kick and move out of the way. We would hear like 3 beats, then BOOM- kick and move.
Food cravings: Nothing specific.
Food aversions: Nothing still.
Gender: As of typing this- I don't know. By the time it posts, I will know. And if you are friends with us on facebook then you know too. But I will do a reveal on the blog soon.
Maternity clothes: I bought some stuff from Destination Maternity when we stopped at the quite a good amount of stuff and I am hoping that I have enough for the next 3 months.
Symptoms: Growing, kicking, tired....
What I miss: Sleep... or at least feeling like I have enough of it.
What I'm looking forward to: Since we all know what I am looking forward to, I am changing this to what I am NOT looking forward to.... stepping on the scale after vacation... having the glucose test ALSO after vacation... going back to work (and therefore stressing for the next few months about how to prepare for a long term sub)
Weekly Wisdom: umm none?
Milestones: We are almost to the point of having dr appointments every 2 weeks. I know for most people this isn't really exciting but it sure does seem to make the time go by faster. (In the case of a teacher I am not sure if that is good or bad but either way, it is going to happen.)

Baby is as big as a...

Hm not so sure about that... I feel a LOT bigger than that.  

I will add a 26 week picture in a few days...

Sorry this one is so short and boring... but the next v2.0 post will be an exciting one! 

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On a Boat {Kinda Wordless Wednesday}

Last summer, we were REALLY busy. I feel like THIS summer, however, flew by and we didn't have time to do all the things we wanted. But last summer, we went on my cousin's boat. And Payton loved it! I was a little nervous she wouldn't be a fan but she was. 

Boating beauty
Trying to catch a fish
Driving the boat

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Bills Game

Last year, we took Payton to the Kids Day Game. The child loves cheering for football. And getting decked out in all her Bills gear. 
Walking into the stadium with her daddy...

And meeting her favorite- Billy Buffalo!

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Hall of Fame Weekend 2014

Fair warning.. this post is picture heavy and doesn't feature all. What?! No Payton?! Nope... see... here's the story...

I have been waiting YEARS for Andre Reed to get inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. YEARS people. And I always swore I was going to go the year he got in. Except there was always one teeny tiny problem. Hall of Fame weekend was always the weekend right before school started in Memphis. So logistically I could never figure out how it was going to work. But then... the stars aligned. See, we were moving back home, where even if I did end up teaching, I wouldn't start in August, so I would be good to go. And then Andre Reed was chosen to get in. And then... THEN... the Bills were chosen to play in the Hall of Fame game. AND... it was our 5 year anniversary last year. So... for our anniversary we decided to take a long weekend to Canton, just us. Probably not your typical 5 year anniversary trip, but it was perfect for us! (And we did start the trip with massages, so that's something right?!)

We had so much to do and I loved it! We went to a Bills party... 
And then it was time for the actual induction. People, I am not sure I have ever been so excited to sit through hours of people making speeches as I was on this day.
And just look at all the Bills fans!

Andre and Marv revealing his bust. 

The speech

Kelly throwing Reed a pass (well, this was afterwards...) 

The next day we went to the Hall of Fame.
And I had a lot of fun in the replay booth. And I was pretty darn good at it too. I have come a long way in understanding football in 10 years...

And lots of pictures...

And then we waited in a super long line to see all the busts. Completely worth it though...
Andre Reed

Ralph Wilson
Bruce Smith
Thurman Thomas
Jim Kelly
Marv Levy

And then it was game time.

Seriously... one of the best trips we have ever taken. And it wasn't Disney! Who would have thought that I would choose this as our anniversary trip?!

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