Delta Fest Sept. 2013

In September in Memphis they had a little carnival called Delta Fest. And we decided to take Payton since we knew she liked rides after having been in Disney. What I wasn't prepared for was my little girl riding the rides by herself! I was a little sad that she was big enough for this and a little scared that the crazy girl wouldn't stay sitting. But she proved me wrong and sat still for the rides, putting my nerves to rest...
Getting loaded in
Waving as I tell her to make sure she does not stand! 
Going down the slide with Daddy. She liked it but was terrified. 
No hands!
Again, no hands!
Feeding the animals

More rides with no hands! She is definitely taking after me here!
Playing a game
And her prize that she won all by herself!

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Kinda, but not really, Wordless Wednesday- Pics that didn't make the first round

Since I wrapped up our Disney trip, I found some (mostly) cell phone pics that didn't make it into the regular posts that I wanted to share. These are unedited, nothing fancy, just want to share pictures...
Excited about the Shamu show
Payton learned quickly how to deal with the constant rain we always experience
She really liked the penguins at Sea World
Heading to the pool

Animal Kingdom

More rain... but a good day at AK
Look at the excitement about Donald!
A little Spaceship Earth fun! 
And some ice cream!
Talking to Goofy
Little Miss America on 4th of July- she LOOKS like she is posing and being a diva... she was actually having a fit... 
Love this picture
Long Disney days 
Soaking wet ground... because, of course, it poured this day too. 
Riding Dumbo- definitely one of her favorites (still) 
That time we beat Tim on Buzz...

Love this one too
When she FINALLY was brave enough to go meet a character by herself and my mom was the only one with her with only her cell phone! (The rest of us were on Space Mountain- thank goodness for cell phones with cameras!) 
She really liked Buzz..
Showing the Pooch all her autographs after we returned home. To this day she will look through her books and talk about the autographs. 
So, would I take a 2 year old to Disney again? Absolutely! Will she remember it? Not really..but we will. And for that, it is worth every penny and then some. She LOVED it. Yes, she had bad moments. Yes she got tired and cranky. Yes it rained (as it ALWAYS does when we are there). But we learned to deal with it and move along. You don't let a little rain stop you in Disney. I'll take a rainy day in Disney over any day at work!

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