Disney Day 5- Epcot

The next day was quite possibly the worst day of the trip. At this point, Payton was tired. She did really good, but she was less than impressed with Epcot and she just was not happy. We actually contemplated skipping it but she was doing so good the rest of the trip and there was a few things we wanted her to see (Nemo, Crush, etc) so we went. And for the MOST part, she was good.

Of course she loved meeting the characters... but still wasn't about to go for it alone. So Goofy was with Nonny and Papa.

Then we went to the character spot. And yes, I realize we met the same characters a million times. But it was all she knew and she loved it. I would do it all again and wait just a long for how much she liked having them "fix her book".

And we took some time to look at the fish. I think she could have spent all day here..
But she got eaten by Bruce and we had to go!
We went to see Donald, and while in line, it of course started pouring. So they relocated him inside Mexico. You can't tell but right before this pic she was M-A-D. But Donald makes everything better.
 As does Papa!
We went and met Duffy and she really liked him... even though she had no idea who he was at this point. She does have the book and her own stuffed Duffy now though.

We let her go to all the kidcot stops with her Duffy. She didn't really "get it" on this trip (she did on our second trip though, but we lost that Duffy :( )
She was NOT happy about this next picture. You can't tell because somehow we caught a picture where she looks semi ok but she was having a full blown fit at this point and we were trying to be silly with the hat to get her to smile. She was not having it.
But getting her bear signed made her happy.
We went to see illuminations at the end of the night and had some ice cream. REALLY good ice cream. I can't go to Epcot and not get it. I don't even know why it is so great, but I enjoy it. And we played a riveting game of peek a boo...

And on the way out Tim snapped this picture that I think is just awesome, so I had to share.

Up Next... Hollywood Studios

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