Disney Day 4- Chef Mickey's and Downtown

We left off with Animal Kingdom (which Payton loved and still does love). The next day was Chef Mickey's. I was so excited to get these reservations. Probably more than Payton was. We had a reservation mishap here on our honeymoon so we had never gotten the chance to experience it. I like the buffet style breakfasts since I am so picky. The food was good and the atmosphere was so fun! And Payton really liked that the characters came right up to her. Even though she STILL wouldn't take a pic alone...

Goofy was first.

Followed by Donald- he was her favorite during this trip!

Just look at her looking at him!
Then Mickey...
And finally Minnie!
We decided in advance that we weren't going to do a park this day because of the breakfast reservations. We didn't want to feel like we had to rush through breakfast or have a shortened park day (this was a one day per park trip). So we headed to Downtown Disney. We planned to use this next picture for Christmas cards... but guess who forgot to even send Christmas cards, let alone use a picture. I am the WORST!
And then Payton rode the carousel with her daddy... though she didn't want to ride the horse on this ride. She was in her glory!
And then we did a little shopping!

Up  next... Day 5- Epcot! A rough day!

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