Disney Day 2- Detour to Sea World

When we decided to take this spur of the moment trip to Disney I knew we HAD to go to Sea World. Payton loves animals and, well, I love dolphins and killer whales. See, my life's plan was to be a dolphin/killer whale trainer. However... when looking into programs, I found you had to do work with exotic birds. Well... that disqualified me because I am terrified of birds. But anyways... back to our trip...

We started out with the best navigator around. She loved that map and acted like she was reading it every time we got in the stroller to go somewhere new. Good thing she seems to know how to read a map, because her mommy is awful at it. (And for the record, she STILL "reads" maps like this and tells us which way to go to get to things.)

The first show we saw was the Shamu show. It is one of my all time favorite shows. And I think the whales are just so beautiful. Payton was a fan as well.

Shortly after those two beautifully posed pictures, it started to rain. As was typical for our trip. It was constant rain. However, that is not the point. See the point is, we went to the dolphin show... and my dad and Tim took Payton into the show while my mom and I parked/locked the stroller, gathered all our bags and cups and who knows what else that we didn't want getting soaked, and went in.

As we were walking in, my mom, well, found a puddle. And she went down. And we were hysterical laughing. Payton was in her seat with Tim waiting for us and happened to be looking around for us. She saw the whole thing, and shouted (and I mean LOUD) "NONNY DOWN!!!" Well if that didn't make the whole thing funnier than it already was! My dad had been getting cotton candy (as you can see on Payton's face below) and came back just as my mom was picking up the mug that originally HAD pop in it. He realized she spilled the pop but not that she had fallen... needless to say, his first concern was the lack of drink he now had. (Note- once he found out the pop was gone was because my mom fell, he checked to make sure she was ok and was no longer too concerned about the pop. And yes, she was fine.)

We saw all the other shows that Sea World has to offer but I am trying to get to the rest of the trip soon since I am now 19 months behind and we have already been on ANOTHER Disney trip. So up next, Vacation day 3- Animal Kingdom!

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