Disney 2014 Day 4- Hollywood Studios

The next day of our Disney trip brought us to Hollywood Studios where the three of us had a very special breakfast planned with the characters from Disney Jr. Payton was obsessed with Disney Jr (still loves Doc, Sofia, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but really could care less about Handy Manny or Jake anymore) so we decided to do this character breakfast on this trip. We did Chef Mickey's the year before so we wanted to do a different set of characters. And this was a good choice for her. She LOVED it... 
Notice that zebra is still with us... 

Sofia the First
Handy Manny
"Jake Ahoy" as she used to call him
We also went to see the Disney Jr. show. She was much more into it this year than last. 

And we set off to meet some characters... Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that she wasn't afraid to meet any of them and give them hugs?! Not even the monsters.. 

And we did selfies... with all the characters. I am glad that the cast member we gave our camera to managed to snap this one. 
We also saw the Frozen sing along show... which she was very into... 
And afterwards went and played in some 'snow'... The stuff was really cold! I have no idea how her little hands weren't freezing because my feet were!
And of course, no trip to Hollywood Studios is complete (for me) without seeing Fantasmic... and Payton actually likes this one too. I know a lot of younger kids get scared at some parts, but Payton never has. 

Waving to all the characters on the boat
Obviously we did a lot more than just this, but I figured since I am over a year behind here I would limit it to just some of my favorite pictures... 

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Ariana's Birth Story...

I interrupt our catch up posts to announce that Ariana is here! And she came extremely fast. (And this is clearly a little late because with everything going on I just hadn't had a chance to get pictures up and loaded/edited.)

On Tuesday, December 1 (my due date), I had my regular appointment with my Dr. We had talked the week before about scheduling an induction if I wasn't making anymore progress. Tim and I talked and decided that when I got to the appointment, I would ask to schedule the induction Thursday night or Friday morning. So, after my Dr checked and realized I wasn't making anymore progress, we started the eviction talk. He wanted me to go in that night. I wanted to wait. He was convinced two days wouldn't make a difference and said that if I wanted to wait a full week, I would probably not need to be induced... but because we are also waiting on a closing date I was afraid to wait that long.

So I got in the car after scheduling the induction process to start that night... and I cried. I really didn't want to be induced. After I got home I called our attorney about the house stuff and found we weren't going to be closing any time soon... so I decided to cancel the induction. I called the office to make sure that was ok and to tell the Dr I was willing to wait it out one more week... I called twice. No one ever got back to me... so I just didn't go in. I called the office again Wednesday to try and tell my Dr.... still got no call back from a nurse. So I said whatever and moved along. Scheduled an appointment for the following Monday and figured we would have to schedule an induction then.

Wednesday came and went with no progress. Of course I was a little discouraged being that this is our 2nd and she was late. Payton was 2 days early. We went to bed Wednesday night like any other day. At 2am Thursday morning I woke up to go to the bathroom and seemingly started losing my plug. I panicked though because this didn't happen with Payton and I didn't know that is what it was. At 2:30 I started having contractions that were about 30 seconds long and 15 minutes apart. I didn't start timing them because I didn't figure they were going to last and I figured it would be quite a while before they were anything to measure. At 3:45 I started timing them because they weren't going away. I woke Tim up at 4 and told him he probably wasn't going to work because I was having contractions but they were about 12 min apart. I told him he would probably have time to get Payton to school in the morning and then after that we would probably have to call the doctor. His response- wishing I hadn't woken him up just yet, so that he could sleep a little more... I told him I didn't quite care about all that since I had been up all night with contractions and saw no sign of sleep any time in my near future. At about 4:20 the contractions were 10 minutes apart so Mr. Why Did You Wake Me Already decided it might be smart to take a shower now. So he did that while I got up and tried to straighten my hair and finish throwing things in my bag.

I called my parents at around 5 to tell them someone was going to have to come over because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it long enough for Tim to get Payton to school. I told my mom not to rush but to just get ready and come over. An hour later the contractions were between 6-8 minutes apart and lasting a minute... and hurt. I was trying to get cleaned up and I would have to stop, go lay in the office on the floor, and wait for the contraction to end. I finally gave up trying to look human, threw my stuff in the bag and made Tim load the car. I knew as soon as my dad got to the house I was going to be jumping in the car to go. Dad got to the house at around 6, tried to give us an alternate route to the hospital, to which I told him no time for that, and we were gone. At this point the contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. The hospital was 10 minutes away so I knew I was going to have to suffer through 2 of them while sitting in the car. Luckily we made it quickly, got signed in, and were taken to a room.

And I was in pain... bad bad pain. But I couldn't get an epidural yet because they needed to check how dilated I was and do my blood work. So, they took my blood right away... but it wasn't sent up. Nurses switched and I just kept asking for the epidural. She just kept telling me we had to wait for my lab results to come back. A dr came and checked and I was 6cm. I asked him at what point is it too late for an epidural because at 6cm I didn't figure I had much time left. An hour later I was about 8cm and panicking because there was still no word on my bloodwork. Luckily my doctor was still in the hospital and he came in to check on me. He checked... said I was in fact 8cm, and noticed how bad the contractions were. (Literally off the charts.) He asked the nurse where my epidural was... after she told him we were waiting on the bloodwork, he told her it was now or never and they can't be taking their time with the results so just hurry up and get the epidural. It couldn't have been more than 20 minutes before they came in to give me the epidural.

Once I got the epidural I started feeling better... except my right side wasn't numbing. It finally kicked in and all of a sudden I was feeling the pain from the contractions in my right leg. It was AWFUL. I started worrying that something went wrong with the epidural. We called the nurse in and she tried to help relieve the pain but nothing... so they told Tim to go ahead and push the button to give a little extra in the epidural. She said we could push it every 6 minutes or so. After 10 min we pushed it again and the pain finally stopped. At this point my mom made it up to the hospital from work. My children really just like to make my mom come in her work clothes.

The drs came in to check and said I was about ready to push and said once I had a contraction I could start pushing to get her down some. So I did that I think 3 times. They had me stop so they could get the bed ready and be ready for the baby to come. On the next contraction I pushed until I had to catch my breath, caught my breath, and pushed again, and she was out. She didn't cry at first and Tim, my mom, and I all at the same time asked why she wasn't crying. I panicked. But she cried. More like whimpered at first... and then... she yelled. Loud. It was a while before I was able to hold her because the stitches took forever.

Ariana Marie was born on December 3, 2015 at 10:49am... weighing 8lbs 3oz... 20inches long... Just two days after my Dr. told me that two days wouldn't make a difference...

Daddy's girl

Nonny and Ariana
After I was allowed to get up and shower
Papa and Payton with Ariana
First family picture (even though I am rather puffy still here) 

Uncle Sean and the girls
Proud big sister feeding Ariana

Going home!
This girl has been set on proving everyone wrong about everything from day 1... but she is beautiful and so worth it.

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Disney 2014 Day 3- Epcot

Our first trip to Epcot, in 2013, was NOT a success. We were hoping that 2014 would be a little better. It helped that Payton had some of her favorite people with her AND it wasn't the END of our trip when she was exhausted. At this point, my brother and his girlfriend had arrived and Payton was beyond excited for them. They are truly some of her favorite people.

We went off to meet some characters. And Payton learned that Pluto's name is Pluto and not Pee-pew as she formally pronounced it. I was crushed. So much so that Tim tried to convince her that his name really was pee-pew. It didn't work. She calls him Pwuto now (the l is part of her speech problem but she is working on it).

Met Mickey
and Minnie

Stopped to pose for pictures with the cast of Finding Nemo...

Can you tell we were having a MUCH better Epcot experience this year?

Along the way, we ran into Chip and Dale. The prior year on our trip, when Payton FINALLY got brave enough to meet the characters on her own... this happened. I cried... 

So when we were in line to meet Chip and Dale, Payton was talking all about how they danced with her last year and was wondering if they would again. Luckily my mom talked to the cast member with them who helped us out...

And they danced...
And she was ecstatic that they danced again AND remembered her!
We went around to tour the countries, where Payton stopped to make a quick phone call.
She decorated her Duffy Bear and LOVED stopping in all the countries to get her name and stamp put on the back.
Took some more pictures...

And the BEST part of our day in Epcot happened right here... Payton was obsessed with Belle. So we got in line to meet her, thinking it would be like any other meeting.. say hi, sign the book, and smile. Because Payton is very shy... much too shy for any big interactions. However, Belle was different.

Payton got right up there to show her that she had Belle on her dress. And they talked about the princesses on Payton's dress.
And then hugged... for an eternity. No joke we thought Payton fell asleep right there on her shoulder. I started to feel bad because of the people in line behind us, but the cast member and Belle both told us not to worry and to let her hug her as long as she wanted. So we did...
And then they were just the best of friends.
Honestly- BEST character interaction EVER.

And a MUCH better day at Epcot...

Up next... Hollywood Studios and breakfast with some Disney Jr. Favorites!

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