My birthday at the zoo

Every year, we go to the zoo on or around my birthday. I am not sure why, but we just do. And 2013 was no exception.
Payton ready to go and Roscoe photo bombing
I honestly don't even know what they were looking at her but the picture is just too cute. 
Of course I would have a happy birthday with this girl by my side. :) 
One of our favorite things to do at the zoo is feed the giraffes. Remember from my Easter post, this child of mine LOVES to feed animals. She gets a kick out of the giraffes and their long tongues. Giraffes are one of her favorite animals (along with elephants and monkeys).
 We tried to take a picture but feeding the giraffes was more fun than posing.

Once that fun was over, we headed to find more animals. Look at the happiness on this girl's face. I will be shocked if she doesn't want to work with animals in some way when she is older. She can't get enough of them!
Then we went and had lunch in a little cafe that is right next to some monkeys. We always try to get a table right near the window because they often come up and interact with the people. We have always been lucky in getting one right when we walk in or by the time we get our food. And Payton LOVES this. This little guy came up constantly to play with Payton.
 When he left, she was a little concerned...
 But no worries because he came back!
 My whole world is in this next picture.
I have tons and tons of pictures from the zoo, but I am sure you don't want to see them all. This is sufficient.
Up next... Payton turns 2, summer fun, and a BIG trip!!!

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