For Christmas (in 2012) we decided that instead of buying my parents a gift we would take them to Nashville for a couple days. So we waited until spring break time so the weather was a little nicer and off we went. Full disclosure here... Payton was miserable a lot of the trip. Pictures were near impossible. And if she wasn't miserable, she was sleeping. So... not many pictures to post. We stayed at the Opryland (which I have posted pics of before) and went to the zoo and the Grand Ole Opry. It was just a short trip but (even with a miserable Payton) a fun time.
Checking out some animals with daddy!

The kid loves fish! To this day we have to stop and spend forever looking at fish when we are at the zoo.
I just thought this was a really good picture!
This was one of the miserable moments. Trying to calm Payton down when we were in the hotel.

We took a family picture on the state of the Opry... however Payton was woken up for the picture so she is slumped over and a mess. We bought the picture anyways but we don't have it on our camera. It was a pretty cool tour and honestly, probably a good thing Payton was asleep otherwise she may have wanted to test out all the dressing rooms and couches.

Up next... Easter 2013.

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