{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Snowy Nights '12

As you can tell, we had a LOT of fun in the winter of 2012. The next thing we did was to go to Snowy Nights at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. This was (to us) a hidden gem. Clearly since we aren't from Memphis we didn't know all there was to do. Our friends invited us along with them and off we went. But first... we stopped at the mall to give Santa one more go...
Notice how happy she is!!!
That is because we didn't in fact go near Santa. (At least, I don't think we did.) And who would want to intentionally upset that happy face? After this, we were off...

Snowy Nights was really a ton of fun for Payton and something I wish we would have done again before moving. Especially since she is older. There was a ton for the kids to do. Here are just a few of the MANY pictures I took.
Walking out... into the "snow"
Pictures of these two like this, will NEVER get old
Payton trying to catch the "snow"
A little hula hoop action
More snow catching 
In a little tree house with James
Playing in the "snow"... I crack up looking at the big bags on her feet that she had to wear. She probably could have fit her whole body inside it! 

Up next... our trip to Charlotte to meet Madison! 

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