{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- on Thursday- Green Thumb Edition

So my days are all messed up and since I already published a post for Wednesday, we are doing Wordless Wednesday on Thursday. Oops.

Cutest little gardner I have ever seen!

Up next... My birthday at the zoo

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Hoppy Easter

We left off with us going to Nashville in March of 2013. We are almost only a year behind here. I swear once I get caught up again I can NEVER get this far behind. Ever. Again! This is insanity! It doesn't help looking at these pictures and seeing how small she once was. No, before anyone gets any ideas, I don't want anymore... not now anyways.

The next big deal in our lives was Easter in 2013. We took Payton to two egg hunts. The first one was small and the second one was a big event. There were bounce houses, the Easter Bunny (she nixed him), animals to pet and feed, and of course the egg hunt. She had a blast!

She was super excited and ready for the hunt to start. We told her what to do at an egg hunt and she was ready to go!

Then she got to feed some animals. This child loves to feed animals (complete opposite of me) and would spend all day doing it if we would let her.

The next thing we had to do was to dye our Easter eggs. We put Payton's painting shirt on because I was certain this would be a mess.
She quickly learned how to put the eggs in the cup.
Taking them out was a different story. Tim tried to pull them up on the little thing that comes with the kits, but Payton was just so excited she just wanted to scoop them up.

We ended up with plenty of pretty eggs decorated by Payton (with a little help from Mommy and Daddy). She had so much fun that my mom boiled some eggs at her house for Payton to do too.
And then it was finally Easter. Since she is still young, the Easter Bunny didn't really hide her basket too well. She didn't quite understand the idea of having to hunt for it. But once she saw it she was thrilled with what the bunny brought her.
Yogurt melts!
BUBBLES for the bath!
(and some other goodies- applesauce, books, etc).
Then we went outside because the bunny left some eggs behind for Payton to find!

And at this point she was such a pro, she sat right down to dig in and see what was inside.
And a few days later, we found an egg that the bunny hid so well that Payton never found it.

Up next... Gardening!

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For Christmas (in 2012) we decided that instead of buying my parents a gift we would take them to Nashville for a couple days. So we waited until spring break time so the weather was a little nicer and off we went. Full disclosure here... Payton was miserable a lot of the trip. Pictures were near impossible. And if she wasn't miserable, she was sleeping. So... not many pictures to post. We stayed at the Opryland (which I have posted pics of before) and went to the zoo and the Grand Ole Opry. It was just a short trip but (even with a miserable Payton) a fun time.
Checking out some animals with daddy!

The kid loves fish! To this day we have to stop and spend forever looking at fish when we are at the zoo.
I just thought this was a really good picture!
This was one of the miserable moments. Trying to calm Payton down when we were in the hotel.

We took a family picture on the state of the Opry... however Payton was woken up for the picture so she is slumped over and a mess. We bought the picture anyways but we don't have it on our camera. It was a pretty cool tour and honestly, probably a good thing Payton was asleep otherwise she may have wanted to test out all the dressing rooms and couches.

Up next... Easter 2013.

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{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Christmas 2012

Because we all know what Christmas is like, I figured I would just share a few pictures with some captions instead of writing out a huge long post.
Christmas Eve tradition- a new ornament for the tree

And she loved it!
And hung it on the tree herself (well, with a little help)
Pooch was waiting for Santa too!
Lots of presents

Even the pooch opens his own

She LOVES her books 
"This opening presents is tough work... let me just lay right here" 
Over to Nonny and Papa's for Christmas in her pretty dress (and more present opening) 

Up next... Nashville

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