Starry Nights '12

Payton loves Christmas and all things that come with it, including the lights and decorations. In 2011 we drove through Starry Nights and she was just amazed. I really wanted to go on a night that we could walk through, so Tim made sure to schedule himself off on one of the nights and we went for it. We put Payton in her thick footie pajamas, bundled her up, and off we went.

Considering it was cold (nowhere near Buffalo cold, but cold) and it was later, she was really good. In fact... she was really happy. She really enjoyed pushing her own stroller through the path...
There is one area where there is fake snow, so we stopped for a picture and a snack there. Tim got a chocolate covered Oreo for himself...
And Payton took it.
We ended up taking the wrong way back to the car and it was a LONG walk. So we had to stop to take some breaks and let Payton out of her stroller and/or out of our arms. But it was still really fun and I am so glad we did the walk through once before moving!

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{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Santa '12

In 2011 when we went to visit Santa I expected a complete meltdown. Kicking, screaming, etc. Didn't happen. She loved the guy. So when we went in 2012 I really wasn't sure what to expect. So here is a little {Kinda} Wordless Wednesday for you so you can see just how this went down.

Getting ready to go as cute as can be...
Waiting with Papa
And then...  

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Decorating for Christmas 2012

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. Honestly, it is the only one I really care to decorate for. My mom and aunt have always gone all out for Christmas decorations, which may be why I have an obsession with cute and lots of them. And of course Payton has to be involved in the decorating as much as she can. The older she gets, the more she can do. (I know we are over a year behind here, but just wait to see how our tree turned out in 2013 because she was so independent.)

We always start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. Because Tim works in retail, we have to spread the decorating out and do a little bit at a time to fit in with his schedule. We got a new pre lit tree this year that has white lights OR colored. (Perfect for our house since Tim likes colors and I like white.. we can alternate.) And Payton wanted to get right into helping her daddy set the tree up..

And getting the tree out and set up was as far as we got that day... The next day was for ornaments, which Payton has always loved.

And that was as far as we got. But I think she did a pretty good job. Throughout the rest of the week we finished putting everything else out. The year before, Payton got these Minnie and Mickey snowmen from my Aunt Pat (honestly, I am not sure if they were gifts for us or for Payton, but Payton has taken them over and they always decorate right outside her room) and she helped put those out.
I guess I never took pics on the camera of the house completely decorated... but just looking back at these pictures, Payton just told me she wants to "do that again"... she is just like me and loves to have the house decorated for Christmas. But no worries, we are not about to start decorating for Christmas anytime soon.

Up next... Santa 2012... In 2011, she loved him...
We shall see how 2012 went for us...

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A little planner love...

Raise your hand if you feel like a scatter brain sometimes!! I know some of you are raising your hands... I know I am. Because let's face it... after pregnancy brain just comes mommy brain, and it just doesn't come back. (I try to make myself feel better by saying that it's because Payton got my brains and she will be extremely smart...) Good news is, I found something to help with the fact that I can't remember much of anything.  

My Erin Condren Life Planner. 

Last year I ordered a teacher planner, which I LOVED. It was my favorite thing in my school bag. In fact, I can't even bring myself to get rid of it! After getting that in, I decided to order a life planner. See, I am really forgetful. I mean, walk out of the room and forget what I went for forgetful. So it was my hope that this life planner would help me remember everything we had going on. Except... I never got it. I never could figure out how to make it work for me. See, I don't look at my days as morning, day, and night like the weekly pages have. I just don't function that way. Especially when my school days consisted of... work all day, do stuff at night. So it went unused for the most part, except for the monthly calendars.

But then... something hit me. I could split these 3 large boxes into 6 small boxes and make it work for me. I have a box for me, my husband, my daughter, fitness, TpT, and blogging (I have two blogs at the moment). And so it started like this... drawing just a few lines in and boom, perfect... or so I thought.
Then I found this amazing group of people who went ALL OUT with their planners. Washi tape, stickers, the whole nine. And then I was in love. I wanted to figure out how to do something in my life planner that would be cute but still functional. And off to shopping I went... and boy did I shop...

I think I am set for a while. (And there is another bucket that has post it notes, a sticker maker, stickers, etc.)

And then I got to decorating. I started with this week. Which is looking like this....
And after this little bit I decided this just wasn't it.  I wanted more. So I went to one of my many blank weeks and messed around with what I wanted to include. And came up with the perfect template for me.
I now have a spot for everything I need to include related to my life. Even if it is a little OCD of me that I had to create a template. :)

Cute, functional, and lets me indulge in office supplies.

Have you tried Erin Condren before? Thinking about it but haven't purchased yet? If you use this link and sign up for their newsletter and promotions, you will receive an email within about 48 hours for $10 off your first purchase. There are plenty of other amazing things on her site too. Make sure to use the referral link so that you get the $10 coupon (if you have never signed up before).

I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. I just really love my planner!

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{Kinda} Wordless Wednesday... From Fall 2012

In the fall of 2012, we decided to take Payton over to the field by her school to take some pictures. Taking a 1 year old to take pictures and expecting her to post didn't exactly go so well. But we did get some cute pictures along the way that I just have to share. Remember now, these pictures are almost 2 years old. Playing catch up...
I love getting pictures of these two like this!

Look at her face. The expression kills me!
Just a girl and some horses (that you can't see). 

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Halloween '12

Halloween 2012... Payton was almost a year and a half. She wasn't quite old enough to fully understand the whole concept, but she had enough knowledge to enjoy what we did with her. We took her to two trunk or treats that year, the zoo boo, and painted/carved pumpkins (the pumpkins we got from the pumpkin patch in the last post). We knew she wasn't quite ready to be going door to door trick or treating, but the trunk or treats were the perfect amount of entertainment for her. The first trunk or treat was before Halloween. And Payton was a bumble bee this year. And the cutest one ever, if I do say so myself!

When we got inside there were little games kids could play and get candy at the little stations. Payton could only eat certain things, so we helped her pick what she could have. And after getting a few, she didn't really care about getting more. She just wanted to sit right there, in the middle of the gym, and enjoy her hard earned candy.
Next we went outside where all the cars were parked. Payton was able to trick or treat at the cars and get some more candy.
And was VERY good at waiting her turn with her cute little bumblebee basket!
After she finished gathering all her candy, we had a snack. And Payton enjoyed drinking sprite from a real cup. (Look at that look on her face!)
Later that night was the Zoo Boo. This is something we did every year with Payton and she loved it. Though I think 2012 was my favorite time taking her because she had such a blast! We didn't get as many good pictures as I would have liked but here are a few.

Payton LOVES to put her cute self in these little things and take pictures.
And a rare photo where I am not behind the camera. I love this one of us!
And this is why this trip to zoo boo was my favorite. As we were walking by this area, we heard music. So we took a stroll in to see what it was all about. And it was a cute little dance party. And Payton took NO time to get into it. She was dancing all around and having the time of her life. I think we stayed in there over 30 minutes just watching her dance and have fun.
 And for your viewing pleasure.... an iphone quality video of her dancin' the night away!

The next day, we painted and carved pumpkins. Payton went first, painting a beautiful masterpiece on her pumpkin!

And then when it was time to carve ours, we let Payton help get the stuff out. At first she was all "you want me to do what?!"
But then she got her hands right in there and had a blast! 

 And here are the final products...
And the day before Halloween we took Payton to the Trunk or Treat at her school. We LOVE this place. LOVE. I would recommend ANYONE to take their child there and I am so sad we are no longer there. And you can see in the picture below that Payton loved her school too, because she went right up to the doors waiting for someone to let her in.
I didn't get a lot of good pictures here either because we were moving fast, but here is one from the end of the night. 
Payton had a ton of fun with all the Halloween events we took her to that year. And now loves Halloween (which is something I can't say about myself). But since she loves it, we do too and we will continue doing all kinds of fun for her!

Up next... Fall '12 pictures

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