Are You Ready for Some Football?

Well, obviously you might not be right NOW since the season just ended... but Payton LOVES football. Watching and playing! Each year we try to get some pics of Payton with her Bills gear on. And the older she gets, the harder it gets because she will not sit still. But...we managed to get some good ones (in 2012... I know I know) playing in the yard. With her own goal post...

At first she was a little confused about what sport we were playing here (typical of a Buffalo Bill I suppose)... she was determined to play with that little basketball.
"Whatchu mean this isn't the right ball?!"
"Oh we are playing football... got it!" 

Payton with the QB keeper... running it in for a TD!
Look at that form! 
A girl of many talents... and the girliest tomboy you will ever meet.

"You want me to spend another season watching that team?!"
I might be just a little biased, but I say she is the cutest little Bills fan around. She is very girly... loves bows, and purses, and nail polish. But if you tell her that football, basketball, baseball, or hockey are on, she will sit down to watch. She is learning early just how good the Bills are at setting you up for heartbreak... MAYBE just maybe they will make it to the playoffs or even the Super Bowl before she graduates high school?!

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