Buffalove- Family time

We were in Buffalo this trip for a wedding that Tim was in. So we didn't have a lot of time for going all around town visiting people. Instead we made sure everyone was in the same place at the same time. It worked out perfectly that Tim's family was having a family reunion, and they even celebrated Payton's birthday at it.
 And it started with Payton just grabbing at the cake...
 And then turned into this...
 Sharing with daddy...
 Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures I can share from this day because the ones I took, Payton doesn't have her shirt on and those are not for public viewing. And I didn't take many others because I wasn't in the right frame of mine, due to family tragedy.

While we were in Buffalo, we actually stayed in Silver Creek because it was halfway between Buffalo and Jamestown (for the wedding). We stayed with my godmother and Payton had a blast on the swings.
 If I could get a teaching job, I would so move out there.
 And then we had to head back home. :( We made a stop in Cinci to visit more of Tim's family. Where Payton met some of her cousins and aunt for the first time. And had a ball playing in the tunnel they got her for her birthday. Again, not a lot of pictures were taken. At this point we were all exhausted.
 (The reason I was not in the right frame of mind for pics during this trip is because my Aunt's health had taken a terrible turn. I have not posted about this anywhere, but it is very out of character for me to not have a TON of pics of everything we do.)
Until next time...
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Buffalove... a year later

Are you ready to watch Payton grow up a year before your eyes? Is anyone still here? It's ok if not, since this blog is really just for us. And I know I can count on my dad to read it. Last school year got hectic. Fast. And it took me all summer to wind down. And now that I go back to work in a week I figured I should probably get to posting here again. Payton has done a lot since I last posted...including turning 2 and going to Disney. WHAT?! Yep we did it. We took her to Disney. But since I am a year behind, it will be a LONG time before I get to reveal those pictures.

Anyways.. back to where we left off LAST year. We celebrated the 4th of July. then spent a few more days in Buffalo. Payton enjoyed her time. It is really hard to stop and see everyone when we go to Buffalo because 1. We are ALWAYS there for an event, never just to go. 2. There is never enough time to see everyone. So this trip, we decided to tell everyone where we would be and when and met up with people that way. First stop was my cousin's house...where it appears we didn't take any pictures except for this one of Payton kissing Austin.

Another thing we just had to do with Payton was take her on the Maid of the Mist. It's funny because until we found out we were moving, we NEVER went on this. But we had to take Payton. She LOVED it! Before we got on, we took some pictures and let Payton run around some.

And then we finally got our ponchos and got onto the Maid of the Mist!
She even makes this poncho look good! And anyone who has been on there knows, these things are NOT cute.

We had some of the Silver Creek family with us!

These next 4 are some of my favorites!

Ending the ride...
As much as Payton loved it then, I think she will like it even more next time she goes on. She loves waterfalls (even though she calls them bubbles)!
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