Trying to find the balance..

I swear I have a lot of things to blog about... we are almost 3 months behind here but I just can't find the balance between working, momming, hobbying, and blogging. (And it is completely acceptable to make up words here.) But until I can find the balance, I will do the best I can to get us caught up on the blog, especially because Payton has done some really awesome things the past month and I can't wait to share them with everyone! But... I post things in the order they happen and so I can not post about them until I get there. So for now, I will show you (finally) what Tim's father's day gift from Payton was.

My friend Becca and I went out to her grandfather's house one day for a day of "swimming" (that is what Tim and Becca's husband thought anyways). Well... we really did swim. After we used the open land for some awesome pictures. I saw the idea on pinterest and knew she just had to to this for Tim. And since Becca thought this was a good idea and I have a nice camera, I told her I would gladly take pictures of her son for the same gift. He had some REALLLLLLY cute ones too!

Here are some of the pictures we shot...
First J

I guess he was over this whole photo op thing
The rocks were a really cute spot for pictures... unfortunately I didn't trust Payton to sit there without trying to climb around in them and hurting herself before we even snapped a shot. So she went in the grass.

The pictures that I ended up using for his frame are...

Of course I can't get them right next to each other on blogger but hopefully you can get the idea.

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  1. The last three ended up side by side :) They look great!

  2. That is so cute! I love that idea!

  3. Love that idea! And, I've decided documenting my child's life via blog is a higher priority than the other B.S. going on right now. I want to remember everything and my memory is so bad so I have to keep track of it.


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