Birthday part 2

On June 28 we traveled to visit Tim's mom and step-dad. His aunt and grandma had made the long trip from Buffalo to visit too so it was perfect timing. Payton was able to visit with family for a couple days and celebrate her birthday again! Payton had lots of presents to open but I think her favorite was

 her new backpack. She wears this thing all the time. As soon as she sees us grab it to go somewhere she comes running to put it on. And seriously... she just looks so adorable wearing it!
 We got to go swimming a couple times...
 Rode the rocking horse (notice the backpack is on...)
 And got to visit!
 Being this social can really wear a lady out!
Payton had a great time! She loves going to visit. We didn't take many pictures this trip (I'm not really sure why.. I guess Payton was just too busy going all over the place), but she had a blast!

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