Birthday part 2

On June 28 we traveled to visit Tim's mom and step-dad. His aunt and grandma had made the long trip from Buffalo to visit too so it was perfect timing. Payton was able to visit with family for a couple days and celebrate her birthday again! Payton had lots of presents to open but I think her favorite was

 her new backpack. She wears this thing all the time. As soon as she sees us grab it to go somewhere she comes running to put it on. And seriously... she just looks so adorable wearing it!
 We got to go swimming a couple times...
 Rode the rocking horse (notice the backpack is on...)
 And got to visit!
 Being this social can really wear a lady out!
Payton had a great time! She loves going to visit. We didn't take many pictures this trip (I'm not really sure why.. I guess Payton was just too busy going all over the place), but she had a blast!

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Trying to find the balance..

I swear I have a lot of things to blog about... we are almost 3 months behind here but I just can't find the balance between working, momming, hobbying, and blogging. (And it is completely acceptable to make up words here.) But until I can find the balance, I will do the best I can to get us caught up on the blog, especially because Payton has done some really awesome things the past month and I can't wait to share them with everyone! But... I post things in the order they happen and so I can not post about them until I get there. So for now, I will show you (finally) what Tim's father's day gift from Payton was.

My friend Becca and I went out to her grandfather's house one day for a day of "swimming" (that is what Tim and Becca's husband thought anyways). Well... we really did swim. After we used the open land for some awesome pictures. I saw the idea on pinterest and knew she just had to to this for Tim. And since Becca thought this was a good idea and I have a nice camera, I told her I would gladly take pictures of her son for the same gift. He had some REALLLLLLY cute ones too!

Here are some of the pictures we shot...
First J

I guess he was over this whole photo op thing
The rocks were a really cute spot for pictures... unfortunately I didn't trust Payton to sit there without trying to climb around in them and hurting herself before we even snapped a shot. So she went in the grass.

The pictures that I ended up using for his frame are...

Of course I can't get them right next to each other on blogger but hopefully you can get the idea.

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