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When I finished the Maya Davis series, I wanted to read a book that wasn't part of a series. Another of my favorite authors is Emily Giffin. So I decided on her book
and when I say I could not put it down, I am not kidding. It is one of those books that make you want to keep turning the pages to see what is going to happen next. The story is about two women and told in alternating chapters (which is probably another reason I kept turning the pages... as Tessa would tell her side of the story, I wanted to read Valerie's chapter to see what her side was).
So let's meet the characters and delve into the plot shall we?

Tessa- is married to leading pediatric plastic surgeon. She is always thinking of the "final ordinary moment before a tragedy" not realizing that she is about to have her own final ordinary moment to relive. She becomes paranoid about her relationship  and her family doesn't seem so supportive of her choice to be a SAHM, which is causing her to be even more insecure. Does she have a reason to feel this way? It may not seem so at first... until she checks the messages on her husbands phone.

Valerie- is a protective single mama. She worked hard to succeed and get out of her hometown only to have it all appear to come tumbling down, when in a lonely time she "fell in love with the wrong guy, got pregnant right before he left her, and jeopardized her plans for law school". She made it out alright and became a lawyer despite all that. But like I said, she is a very protective mama. She reluctantly allows her 6 year old son to go to a sleepover party and gets a call that he has been burned and on the way to the ER. Serious burns. PICU burn unit serious. And in enters Tessa's husband Nick (remember leading pediatric plastic surgeon). Valerie and Nick seem to be getting close and in the first half of the book I kept thinking nuh uh he better not leave his wife for her... but then, somewhere near the halfway point of the book, I found myself torn. I didn't know how I felt (not that I condone affairs and cheating, but I felt bad for all 3 people here).

The book was a constant will they won' they. I am not sure how I feel about the ending of this one (I don't want to say why because it will give away way too much information) so if you read this one please let me know how you felt about the ending! Regardless of how the ending made me feel, I still give the book 5 stars and suggest you read it... and if you have a nook it is only $2.99 right now! (well at least at the time of this typing it was... hopefully it still is when this posts). Either way... it is worth it at full price too!
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  1. I Loved this book too! I was a little disappointed with the ending (don't want to say too much incase people are reading the comments :)) - but I love all of Emily Griffin's books!

  2. Ugh!! The ending killed me! I am not sure if I am happy, mad, sad, or what. But I can not get over that ending... and I have read 3 books since this one!!

  3. I loved the book too but I have forgotten how it ends

  4. Kat I can't remember now how it ends either LOL


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