We are trying to come back...

The end of summer got away from us. Things got hectic with trying to get ready for work and other things. I am devastated that I did not get caught up with my blog before I went back to work... but as you can see if you read along, I still haven't even posted about Payton's birthday and that was 2 months ago! I realized today why I stopped posting... I was getting annoyed with editing my pictures. I have photoshop elements but have not taken it out of the box to even learn to use it yet. So for now I use aperture 3. But every time I add my borders and watermarks, it takes away and edits that I brushed on. Meaning I have to edit my pictures twice (because I want the original edited as well as the one I post on here). Anyways... back to our summer of fun...

For those of you who can't remember (because it has been so long) we left off in Atlanta with our 2nd Braves game. Our last day in Atlanta arrived (sad face... big fat sad face) and we had plans to go to a Tour of Turner Field. We did a morning tour because we had to leave to head back home (and I just had to stop at the container store before we left- no pictures of this, though I sure should have because I am obsessed). We arrived early enough to take some pictures of Payton outside...
 And then went inside and waited for the actual tour to start. Payton wanted to get in the bus seat...
 We looked at all of the displays but I will spare you from seeing a million different pictures of Braves memorabilia. But I will share the two Chipper Jones pictures that we took...

 And then the tour finally started. It was hot and we were without stroller (because Tim knew we would be going up and down stairs and there was no point to it). Tim took this picture and I think it turned out pretty darn cool!
 And this view is where the old field used to be. We did walk over there after the trip and had someone take a picture of the 3 of us (those pictures at the end).
 Payton in the big chairs...
 I really liked this mural and it took us walking past it the second time to finally get a picture I liked because our tour guide was a bit hasty!
 Tim and Payton in the announcer's chair. Payton is ready to take over and announce! I always wondered how announcers knew all the names etc.... they are taped up everywhere in there for both teams!

 And then we went out to the dugout. Payton and Tim were taking it all in..

 Again... our hasty tour guide didn't seem to understand how important these pictures were and she was rushing us to get back in line.
This marked the end of our tour. I think it was really cool. We went to other places too (club areas etc.) but these are just some of our favorite pictures. Next we walked over to the old field area (which is now the parking area) and took pictures. We walked all the way over to where Hank Aaron's 715th homerun was hit (this broke Babe Ruth's record at the time... and no- I will admit- I could not remember the details... thank goodness for Tim)
 And then Tim took Payton to practice her swing where home plate used to be.
 And because I was obsessed with the 96 Olympics I took the next few pictures.

Overall it was an amazing trip and I am already trying to figure out when we can go back. I really loved Atlanta and plan to go back sooner rather than later.
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  1. Love the pics of them on the field!! Looks like a great time! I have heard good things about The Container Store, but I have never been to one, I am surely missing out!


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