What I Thought About it Thursday

The next book was of course...
the final book in the Maya Davis series. (Again, if you plan on reading this series and have not read books 1 & 2 stop here, buy the books, and start reading... spoilers are included.)

Maya is finally engaged to the love of her life, Jack and her best friend Jen marries Travis. They are swept off into their honeymoon while Maya is left dealing with yet another big change... she is living in her new apartment alone. We also find out that Kate (Maya's sister in law) goes into labor at only 7 months pregnant. This news gave me chills and made this the first book in quite some time to bring tears to my eyes. No worries though, all turns out well. But back to Maya and Jack (and more change)... Maya finally gets a promotion at Cool Beans and just as she is excited to tell Jack her news, he is equally excited to tell her about a job opportunity in Seattle. How are they going to handle this? Maya likes where she lives and finally got the promotion she wanted... and we all know how Maya feels about change (she hates it so much she that she hated changing a sandwich type!)! I would dread making this decision. But it seems that we will never know what the decision was... The book was great. The series was great. I love Erynn's writing, but the ending of this book killed me! It was left wide open (at least to me). Either way, I highly recommend this series and all of her other books!

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  1. ohh I want to read these! Thanks for introducing them :)


  2. OMG I loved them!!! But I love all of her books. Her writing is so fun!

  3. I have been looking for some new books to read - will have to check these out! Thanks!

  4. Her books are some of my favs! I am reading the high heel murder mystery set right now (or I was until school started) by Gemma Halliday. Those are good too!


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