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The next book was
This is the second book in the three book Maya Davis series. (If you plan to read this series and haven't read book 1 Cool Beans, I suggest stopping here.)
"Everything and everyone around me is changing. I don't like change." 
We start off the book with Travis (Maya's High School boyfriend) dating Jen (Maya's roommate and bff) and Maya and Jack are exploring what their new relationship has in store for them. Jen and Travis end up engaged (change #1) and you can't help but wonder if all this wedding planning will get Maya and Jack throwing around the idea of marriage. But before chapter 7, we see a jealous side of Maya and their true feelings finally come out (change #2). Maya struggles with her feelings as well as the fact that Jack no longer works with her (change #3) and she doesn't see him as much (change #4). Can their relationship make it through all of these feelings that are surfacing? And since Jack is no longer working at Cool Beans, his replacement (change #5) is driving Maya crazy. He is a spreadsheet maniac! And then enters Jen's crazy mom. She comes not to try to support the wedding, but to break it up! She drives me absolutely mad and I am just dying for Jen (or Maya even) to tell her to hit the high road! Maya really needs to find her happy medium in this book, but can she? 

Things I loved:
"Proverbs chapter 14...verse 30... A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones"  this is good to remember.
Her writing makes me laugh... all.the.time! "I wanted to spontaneously burst into 'All by Myself' like Renee Zellweger on Bridget Jones's Diary, but that seemed a little flashy, considering the party was not for me"
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