We finally made it to Atlanta...

Meaning it is July 22... and I am finally posting about a trip we took June 9... so I am just a little behind. We have been busy! On Saturday, June 9, we loaded up the car and headed to Atlanta for Tim's birthday weekend. We got in at about 4ish (I think) and checked into the Westin for our long weekend. We decided to just relax today and went to the pool. Which was a very small pool. But lucky for Payton, we were the only ones in it. For the amount this hotel charges you would think they'd have a bigger, nicer pool.. but I digress. We went swimming for a little while before heading to the HUGE mall (huge like had to circle forever to try to even find a parking spot... hello people of Atlanta... there are lots of things to do in your city GO DO THEM!) and dinner. I obviously don't have pictures of the hotel, the mall, or dinner (because I am a slacker sometimes) but what I do have are some fantastic pictures of our swimming star! So, without further ado, Payton in the pool...

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