Trying to get caught up again...

I know I know we disappeared for a while... but I am trying my hardest to get caught back up with the rest of summer before I go back to work in 2 weeks (YUCK!). I have spent a lot of time this summer trying to prepare for this school year, yet I still don't feel prepared. Oh well...

Our next family fun day was to go to the Pink Palace and the Zoo. The zoo was an impromptu decision made by Tim, but since we rarely have days off together, he decided it would be nice to go. And since we have the membership, going for an hour or two didn't feel like a waste. We also have a free summer membership to the Pink Palace so, again, an hour or two wasn't a complete waste. We got to the Pink Palace and Payton was pretty excited...

We saw some dinosaurs
 And Payton said "Dad, I ain't scared!"
 And even the Pink Palace knows how important the Bills are

 Payton says "this is their year!"
 And so what if the Bills stuff was just on display because it was a Buffalo exhibit and they were showing the many ways the Buffalo has been used for a logo etc...
 And after that, Payton decided she was done with Pink Palace, so we went to see the animals at the zoo.

These guys are always just so relaxed...
Payton is obsessed with pushing her stroller, so here she is getting ready to take her stroller for a walk.
 But then she saw the giraffes and couldn't help but stop and wave to them!
 And before we left, we went to Teton Trek so Payton could play in the water. She loved it!

It isn't often that we have time to do stuff as a family. Tim works a lot especially this summer when we had so much traveling to do, he had to work more to make up for the lost time and his days off always were because we had things to do. So this unplanned day off was a great treat for us. And Payton will tell you that she loves spending days off with her Daddy!

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