Take me out to the ball game...

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time
 Day two, and our first full day, in Atlanta brought us to Turner Field. This was game 1 that we were attending. We got there early enough to take some pictures before it got crowded.

 I think it is safe to say that Tim was in his glory being able to take Payton to Turner Field and to the Braves game.

It just happened to be all star weekend (little did I know what that even meant) and we got to meet some former players.
Afterwards, we explored more...
...and Payton wanted to show that she came to chop! And yes, we did buy that foam tomahawk.
 Next, Payton had her very first stadium hotdog. Not a Sahlen's but she still enjoyed it. She ate it on the bun and everything!
We finally made it to our seats to watch a little batting practice. The weather wasn't great and it rained a bit before this so they weren't having batting practice.
 Payton spent the majority of the game running up and down the aisle we were in. And it really wore her out...

 Which meant we finally both got to sit down and watch the game together. To this point, we were alternating watching her so she could walk up and down the aisle. Luckily it wasn't crowded and she had free reign to walk around, and we could still watch the game while walking around.

 And once Payton woke up she was ready to take the field... she wanted a chance to bat!
We ended up having a good time, but it was very difficult to take an extremely active practically one year old to a baseball game. She wanted to walk around everywhere! Luckily the security guard in our section was really nice and understanding and let us pretty much go where ever we wanted and do whatever we wanted. It pays to have that cutie with you I guess, because the man was really nice to us... but not so much to some other fans. We went to another game the next day... see how that went in a couple days...
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  1. so cute! i love the one where she is sleeping. We just took Aydan to his first ball game too - minor league but still fun :)

  2. Thanks!! It was sure hard to tame a crazy 1 year old who always wants to be on the move.

  3. She is so adorable! I cannot wait to take my kids (when I have them) to baseball games! I loooove baseball :)

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