Splash Park

What do you do when the temperatures are approaching the triple digits and your all home for the day? Well you head to the splash park of course!! At first Payton checked it out, walking around with her daddy seeing how she felt about it...

 But it didn't take long until she was right in the middle of all the action and was running towards all the sprinklers.
 She couldn't get enough of all the fun!

 And when we finished... what else should you do on a hot summer day?! Get ice cream!!

 We had so much fun and can't wait to take Payton back again!
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  1. Super cute!! She's getting so big.

    1. Thanks! She is getting big it is crazy!! But she is so fun I wouldn't trade it.

  2. this is the most precious thing I have seen. I cant wait till i have little girls and can post adorable pictures of them :)


    1. haha thanks! I would like to learn how to take and edit my pics better but it seems I am always afraid to miss her doing something cute so I just snap away... the amount of random pics we have is out of control lol


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