Payton's First Carnival

Continuing with our theme of "OMG Tim has days off with us what ever shall we do..." on this particular day (June 2) we took Payton to a carnival. We had seen it set up in the parking lot of our mall and wanted to take Payton but I was really skeptical because she is so small, I wasn't sure she would be allowed on anything, even with us. So, my parents and I went up and asked if there was anything she could even ride (assuming one of us rode with her). The first person told us there was nothing (except the carousel) and we weren't paying $5 entry just to do nothing, so with that, we were about to leave. But Papa to the rescue... he went and talked to the manager to see if we could just go in and check out the signs. We went in and found that there were a few rides she would be allowed to go on as long as we rode with her. Well duh... we aren't about to let our (at the time) not even one year old "sit" in a ride on her own. Payton doesn't sit. So in we went...

The first ride we went on was this doggy ride. I rode this one with Payton. I guess you could compare this to the dumbo ride? We went up and down. She got a kick out of it.
Next, Payton and daddy rode the pink helicopter.

 And she was a natural in the pilot's seat!

 And then finally, after almost a year of attempts, Payton rode the carousel with Nonny. See my nonny always had the tradition to take the grandkids on their first carousel ride. I decided to keep that going and have my mom take Payton on her first ride. Now, we have a carousel in our mall, and I can't tell you how many times we have been in that mall but not all of us, and I refused to let her take Payton on if Tim wasn't there to see. So finally, they went on a carousel.
 And O.M.G. I do not recall a carousel being as fast as this thing was (and this one was slower than the one we encountered in Buffalo on the 4th of July). But regardless, they went.
 Payton wasn't so sure about it. Well sure, I wouldn't be so sure either at the young age of 1 riding a pony that is acting like it is about to win the Kentucky Derby!
 And last, a ride with Papa.. the train.
 Again, she is a pro driver. She loved this one! Or she just loved the time with Papa. Either way, she had a smile the entire time.
 And before we left, Tim had to win Payton a stuffed animal. And you can see how very proud she is of that little bear.
 Don't mind that every night it is in her crib and every morning it is on the floor with her pacis. Maybe she just throws him out in the hopes he will retrieve the thrown pacis for her... Either way, she loves him!

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  1. So fun! I want to go to a carnival now. :)

  2. Absolutely adorable! And what precious memories for the years to come!

  3. It was so fun! She had a good time :)


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