Atlanta Day 2 Part 1

Our next day in Atlanta we had plans to go downtown and explore. Our original plan involved going to the aquarium. We weren't aware that they had timed entry though and we had a baseball game to get to. We didn't want to chance it so we decided to explore downtown more and do the aquarium another day. (The aquarium never ended up happening, but we do have plans to go back and that will be on the list of things to do.) So explore we did... and we started with the Coke factory. And in all honesty... I wouldn't do it again. Yea it was cool to do once, but I certainly wouldn't pay to get in again. But we do have a few pics...

We posed with the polar bear... Payton loved him
but she really wanted to get into all those big coke bottles!
 And then ladies and gentlemen (and by gentlemen I mean my dad and husband because I am not sure any other males are reading this)... we saw the vault... Not just any vault. But the vault that holds the secret to coke. Insert ooohs and aahhs here please...
 And we saw a baseball signed by Chipper Jones. Of course we had to take a picture of that.
 And anyone who has ever been to Disney World knows why I took this picture. And if you don't... next time you are there, go taste Beverly and let me know how you feel. I get a kick out of watching people taste that one.
 And to wrap up our tour we got our own bottle of coke.
 Considering I wasn't that interested in the making of it, the history of it, or anything else really, it wasn't too worth it to us. Like I said, cool to do once, but not again, not for us. I would rather just head to Disney and do the taste tests there because that was the only fun part to us.

Anyways... next we went to the CNN Center for lunch. It was pretty nice in there but we didn't do the tour.

After lunch, we headed through downtown and back to our car. We were on our way to our next Braves game...
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  1. I went to Atlanta in March of 2007 and really enjoyed it. We went to the Aquarium (which is totally awesome and you MUST go) and the coke museum, which I also liked.

    Looks like you all had a great time though!


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