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Our next book of the summer was
I stumbled upon Erynn Mangum's books a while ago when they were listed in the "other books you might enjoyed based on prior purchases category". So I added a few to my cart and haven't regretted it! I believe I got Cool Beans for free on my nook because it was the free Friday novel at one point. Which made me extremely happy since I knew I would love the book. Of course it is book 1 of a 3 book series. So what is my take on this book?

Meet Maya... 24 years old (or is it 25, I can't quite remember) working at Cool Beans coffee shop with long time friend Jack, living with roommate and best friend Jen. She's quirky and fun and you can't help but wonder... is there going to be a relationship with Jack? She refers to him as the brotherly type, but we all know how quickly things can change right? He does seem rather protective of her. And even Jen sees that a relationship can be forming. Do all people think like this when they read or is it just me because of the genre of books I read? Anyways, Maya seems to have a happy go lucky life... until one day Jen meets the "perfect guy" and when Maya meets him she realizes she knows him. She not only knows him, but dated him throughout high school and thought they would get married. He does not recognize her since they broke up 5 years ago (and her hair color has drastically changed) but this seemed odd to me. I would imagine I would recognize someone I dated for 4 years, but hey who knows maybe not. Regardless- hello awkward when THAT realization is made! Reading through this book you wonder, is Travis ever going to realize who Maya really is... and will anyone ever tell Jen?? Top it all of with Maya finding out her stellar Doctor brother (who she doesn't currently have the best relationship with) and his wife are moving back into town. Her world is turning upside down and it is time for a self pity party if you ask me! Maya reminds me a lot of myself and I swear that is one of the best things about Erynn Mangum's books. You feel like you really know the characters and can't help but to keep reading and wanting to know more!

Erynn Mangum's writing is witty and sure to make you laugh out loud while reading her books. They are Christian Chick Lit but it is not in your face Gospel. I say this because if someone told me to "get this book- it is Christian fiction (or Christian Chick Lit as the case may be) I might be a little hesitant at first but there really is no reason to hesitate with her books. It has references that relate to Bible verses and they flow just fine in the book. No one is trying to change your beliefs with this book (or any of her other books).

One of my favorite (unrelated to the plot) quotes from the book "Give me a quality pair of jeans and I'll wear them until they fall off my body in tatters that would make that "Feed the Birds" lady on Mary Poppins proud." It may not seem that funny to you but I cracked up! Thank you Erynn Mangum for a laugh out loud, can't put the book down, read! I am currently finishing up the second book in this series and will do a review of that one once I finish it.
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