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Are you ready for the last book in the Little Lady Agency series? Because I gotta tell you... it was my definite favorite.  (Again, spoilers included, mostly about events that happened in the last book...)

Let's start off this review talking about Jonathan... who I am still not sure that I am happy with, what with his practical ultimatum of a proposal in book 2. I was glad that he went back for Melissa and seemed to be realizing the error of his ways. Seemed being the key word here. I am not so sure this was really the case. 

Granny has a proposition for Melissa in this book- fix a wild and crazy prince, thus doing a favor for granny's long time "friend". Nicky (the Prince) is a while a crazy bachelor type of prince. Will Melissa be able to do this without being wooed by his romancing ways? Will she be able to do it without falling for him? Or without me, the reader, wanting her to fall for him? Because I found myself not sure WHO I wanted Melissa to end up with in this book. He seems to have a soft side somewhere deep down... but is it genuine?

And of course, we can't forget about Melissa's friend Nelson, because a part of me hopes they end up together, what with her playing Cupid for him and then seemingly ending up jealous. With Melissa planning to move to Paris, Nelson needs a new flatmate, and when he gets close with a girl Melissa set him up with, she starts feeling pangs of jealousy.

But back to Jonathan. Remember I am still not happy with him and he is very open to the idea of Melissa posing as Nicky's girlfriend, and even tells her to wear the wig. This is a complete 180 from the Jonathan we met before. Melissa is planning to move to Paris to start a life with Jonathan. He has a plan for the two of them to start a business together. He is very pushy about this though. In fact, it seems he almost cares more about their business plan than he does their marriage! And Melissa feels the same way. Take a point away for Jonathan with that one. And seriously?! Solange- Jonathan's assistant. He talks about her way too much! Take another point away from you Mr. Fancy Pants! And while we are at it, take away another point for never caring about what Melissa wants to do. Always running her around town for this meeting or that. It's always his way or the highway! Negative 3 points. If he thinks he has a fighting chance to win me over, he better make some serious changes (I say this as if I am in the book...)

So who will Melissa end up with? Will she go for the comfort of her long time friend? The wooing ways of a once playboy turned semi genuine prince? Or will Jonathan redeem himself and get back on the positive side of the scoreboard? Or will she just settle into being single? This is definitely a book you will not want to put down! And the bags under my eyes are proof of that! But the read was well worth it. I give this one a definite 5/5 stars!

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