What I thought About it Thursday

My second book of this summer is the second book in the Little Lady Agency Series.  (Stop reading here if you plan to read this series but haven't read book 1 yet. Or if you don't mind getting a little spoiler here and there, continue on.)
In book 2 of the series, Melissa is in a relationship with Jonathan when he is called back to New York for work. He suggest she come with him and leave her business in the hands of her best friend and her crazy sister. Perfect timing since her flatmate Nelson is having some work done to their place and is also going to be gone on a sailing adventure for a bit. So off she goes...

Once in New York, Melissa realizes that this isn't all it was cracked up to be. There are no romantic evenings with her lovely boyfriend, and he is working more than ever, including trying to sell his place that he shared with his ex, who is the one who got him to do the sale. Melissa agreed not to work while on this trip, but she ends up getting roped into "man sitting" an up and coming actor...who come to find out, Melissa knows. Jonathan is not happy about this because he wants Melissa to change her line of work and instead of having male clients, take on jobs such as planning baby and bridal showers.

In this book we see Jonathan (in my opinion) as a workaholic creep who wants things his way or no way. So will they end up staying together? And if they do will Melissa give up her agency to move to New York? Read this book to find out... and stay tuned for the review of book 3... Little Lady and the Prince... my favorite of the series!
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  1. ok, I stopped reading at the top, but I was looking for books this summer. You just added to my list! Thanks love!


  2. it is a REALLY good series! The first book took me about 100 pages to really get into but I LOOOOVED the series. It was one of those "sad that it's over" series! I hope you enjoy it! (And my "to be read list" is over 100 books long- already purchased between paper and nook books. And my wish list is just as long...)


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