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Ok ok I know I said I was going to do my book reviews on the other blog, but I just can't keep up with two. If you aren't interested in reading my book reviews, that's perfectly ok, but they are going to be included here. I know some people like to read and this might give people options on what book they want to read next. So on Thursdays I will write my book reviews for the last book I read. If I have not finished a book by the next Thursday, we will just skip that week. This one is copy and pasted from my other blog so if you already read it, I'm sorry.

One of my goals this summer is to read, for enjoyment, as often as possible. I have wasted no time doing that in my first week of summer vacation. I will admit, I read mostly, if not all, chick lit. I like reading to be my escape and for it to be mindless reading. I like to read and laugh about what I am reading. I try to use this habit of mine to teach my students how to visualize what they are reading. My husband thinks I am crazy because I burst out laughing in the middle of reading, but what can I say, I really can see what I am reading. Anyways... enough rambling. My first book of the summer, and my first written review on this blog is for

I picked this book up (and the two others in the series) a few years ago and they have been on my shelf waiting to be read.

In this book we meet Melissa Romney-Jones aka Honey and her crazy family, her interesting friends, and many clients. Melissa is often put out of her job, and this leads her to starting her own agency (as Honey) after a mishap inadvertently getting into an escort position. Her agency is The Little Lady Agency, meant to help clueless, shy, and socially awkward men with problems that typically a girlfriend could help with. She ends up doing things such as shopping for gifts, posing as a girlfriend, stopping nail biting, etc.

I started reading this book right at the end of the school year and that could have led to my distraction within the first 100 pages. I felt that there was too much being introduced and I often found myself distracted. But being one to never give up on a book, I kept going. And I am so glad that I did! I loved reading about Melissa/Honey's shenanigans and wondering who she would inevitably end up with (because after all, what is chick lit without a love story?). As soon as I finished this book I could not wait to get right into book 2! Overall I give this book 4/5 stars.
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