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What I Thought About it Thursday

Our next book of the summer was
I stumbled upon Erynn Mangum's books a while ago when they were listed in the "other books you might enjoyed based on prior purchases category". So I added a few to my cart and haven't regretted it! I believe I got Cool Beans for free on my nook because it was the free Friday novel at one point. Which made me extremely happy since I knew I would love the book. Of course it is book 1 of a 3 book series. So what is my take on this book?

Meet Maya... 24 years old (or is it 25, I can't quite remember) working at Cool Beans coffee shop with long time friend Jack, living with roommate and best friend Jen. She's quirky and fun and you can't help but wonder... is there going to be a relationship with Jack? She refers to him as the brotherly type, but we all know how quickly things can change right? He does seem rather protective of her. And even Jen sees that a relationship can be forming. Do all people think like this when they read or is it just me because of the genre of books I read? Anyways, Maya seems to have a happy go lucky life... until one day Jen meets the "perfect guy" and when Maya meets him she realizes she knows him. She not only knows him, but dated him throughout high school and thought they would get married. He does not recognize her since they broke up 5 years ago (and her hair color has drastically changed) but this seemed odd to me. I would imagine I would recognize someone I dated for 4 years, but hey who knows maybe not. Regardless- hello awkward when THAT realization is made! Reading through this book you wonder, is Travis ever going to realize who Maya really is... and will anyone ever tell Jen?? Top it all of with Maya finding out her stellar Doctor brother (who she doesn't currently have the best relationship with) and his wife are moving back into town. Her world is turning upside down and it is time for a self pity party if you ask me! Maya reminds me a lot of myself and I swear that is one of the best things about Erynn Mangum's books. You feel like you really know the characters and can't help but to keep reading and wanting to know more!

Erynn Mangum's writing is witty and sure to make you laugh out loud while reading her books. They are Christian Chick Lit but it is not in your face Gospel. I say this because if someone told me to "get this book- it is Christian fiction (or Christian Chick Lit as the case may be) I might be a little hesitant at first but there really is no reason to hesitate with her books. It has references that relate to Bible verses and they flow just fine in the book. No one is trying to change your beliefs with this book (or any of her other books).

One of my favorite (unrelated to the plot) quotes from the book "Give me a quality pair of jeans and I'll wear them until they fall off my body in tatters that would make that "Feed the Birds" lady on Mary Poppins proud." It may not seem that funny to you but I cracked up! Thank you Erynn Mangum for a laugh out loud, can't put the book down, read! I am currently finishing up the second book in this series and will do a review of that one once I finish it.
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"Mini" bow giveaway

How would you like to win two of these little cuties?!
These are just some of the patterns available
I have decided to do another giveaway on this little blog here. I have started making these mini bows to hold Payton's hair and they have quickly become my favorite. I can use them in a "Pebbles" hairdo, in a little side swept hairdo, or in pigtails. This giveaway is for two bows in your choice of colors and patterns from my available ribbon (those pictures will be coming soon...before you will be required to give me your choices I will have them posted). You can pick two of the same color, or two completely different. Here is a picture of Payton modeling one of her many hairbows by mama!

Enter the rafflecopter below! The first two entries are mandatory (follow my blog, and like our facebook page). Then there are 3 more optional entries.

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Swimming at Nonny and Papas

One of Payton's favorite things to do this summer is swim. Well anything with water really... we have done the sprinkler park (post to come soon enough), our own sprinkler in the yard, the hopscotch I showed you the other day. She just loves all the fun that can be had in the water. A few weeks (okay maybe a month or more) ago, we went to my parents to swim in their little pool. Payton loves to swim... like really kick her legs and move her arms and swim. I guess we should have signed her up for swim lessons... maybe next year. But that sure can get exhausting, which is why I rarely take her in the pool alone because well... my arms are weak. But regardless, we have fun. And here are some pictures of Payton having a blast...
Before getting ready to swim
Ready to go!
And we're in!
Look at the fun she is having!

Break time for some cheese nips!
Both of them looking at Papa..they love him
Someday we are going to have a house with a real pool (I hope) so Payton can really swim. But for now our little pools will do just fine. And I get a decent tan from hanging out in it too. And it sure beats the Memphis heat. It almost doesn't feel hot out when we are in the little pool!
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Fitness Friday

I am linking up with Sean Marie from A Mad Girl's Lovesong and Shannon from Anchors Aweigh for Fitness Friday, except I am changing it up a little bit and not doing it how they did (sorry girls, I am breaking rules on day 1). A year ago (ish) I had gained 60 pounds with pregnancy. Yep I said it. I finally told the world (or the world that reads my blog) the insane amount of weight I gained. But I can say that today because I am only 6lbs from my PrePayton weight. Now... I don't look like it is only 6lbs and I sure don't feel like it is only 6lbs, but it is. So to have lost 54lbs in a year I can finally feel comfortable saying what I gained. So judge all you want (if you want) but my doctor was never once concerned. Unfortunately for me, I came home from the hospital not having lost even the 6lbs 8oz Payton weighed! I was retaining a LOT of water. You can tell if you look in this Post (scroll to the pictures of us after Payton was born) that I just didn't look right. I stopped posting belly pictures at the end of May and if you look through my posts from my pregnancy, at one point I stopped showing my face in my pictures because I just hated it. I never felt like I was "glowing".  After Payton was born the weight did not just fall off. I had to work on it. And people have started noticing a lot the past couple months and I truly appreciate anyone that has said something genuine about my weight loss. I am a very self conscious person so I know I won't be happy at my PrePayton weight. So my goal... to get to my wedding weight. Which is just 16lbs away. I know I CAN. I just have to work for it. So I thought linking up with them would be a great way to keep me semi accountable...
My motivation to get in better shape started - (oops I just realized I never changed the answer from Sean's post when I copy and pasted...) A few months ago when I was sick of all the clothes in my closet. Nothing fit right. 

My favorite form of exercise is -  Honestly I don't like exercise. I am not one of those girls that gets excited to exercise. But I just do it.

I despise -  Working out alone.

I'm most proud of - The fact that I am 6lbs from PrePayton and that I worked out 3x in the past 4 days and hopefully will take Payton for a jog today.

I regret - Gaining as much as I did when I was pregnant but I really can't blame myself because I didn't overeat or anything. 

Where do you see yourself in six months- 6 months is plenty of time to get to my wedding weight and I would be ecstatic to be that weight by Christmas. 

I should also mention that a bunch of girls from my due date board all have a group with a weight loss challenge and I actually won the last round! I have stepped out of this round because I was having a tough time and I needed time to get it back together. I owe a big chunk of my loss to those girls because I think I lost around 12 pounds in 12 weeks with that challenge! If you want to lose weight (baby weight or just any weight) join the link up!

Anchors Aweigh

And just for comparison... here is a picture from recently... (and a sneak peak at our Atlanta trip) That looks a lot more like me than the pictures from Payton's birth. (And the reason I linked to the post instead of posting one of the pics.. well to be honest, I just don't want to look at myself looking like that right now. Not for any reason other than I remember how bad the weight started hurting at the end.)
Us with Chris Seelbach, Sid Bream, and Andy Ashby (and they loved Payton)

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High on Summertime

One of the perks to living where we do is that the weather gets nice early. And maybe by the end of summer we are all sick of the heat, but in the early months, like April and May, we love that it gets warm. And Payton is no exception to this. She loves to be outside. So as soon as it started getting warm enough (which was really early this year) we knew we were going to have fun outside with Payton. And so Tim bought her a water hopscotch. And of course she can't "hopscotch" but she had fun just the same. We got her dressed in one of her many bathing suits (I stocked up at the end of last summer when they were on clearance... they are too cute to pass up for $3!)
 And out we went. She explored the water slowly at first.

 And then was brave enough to get right in there without anyone's help. (Don't worry, Tim was really right next to her in case she slipped.)
 And when she made it to the end she sat down and splashed away in the water.

 And then went back for more!

 It was so much fun that she had to stick her tongue out to show how concentrated she was on the fun.

 And when all was said and done, Payton really needed a nice drink of ice cold water... from a straw. It was a hot day after all!

 Seriously could she be any cuter?!
We also took her through our sprinkler but I will not be sharing those pictures because we had to carry her through and neither of us want to share those pictures with the internet world. She had a really good time and this is just the first of many fun times she is sure to have this summer!

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What I thought About it Thursday

Are you ready for the last book in the Little Lady Agency series? Because I gotta tell you... it was my definite favorite.  (Again, spoilers included, mostly about events that happened in the last book...)

Let's start off this review talking about Jonathan... who I am still not sure that I am happy with, what with his practical ultimatum of a proposal in book 2. I was glad that he went back for Melissa and seemed to be realizing the error of his ways. Seemed being the key word here. I am not so sure this was really the case. 

Granny has a proposition for Melissa in this book- fix a wild and crazy prince, thus doing a favor for granny's long time "friend". Nicky (the Prince) is a while a crazy bachelor type of prince. Will Melissa be able to do this without being wooed by his romancing ways? Will she be able to do it without falling for him? Or without me, the reader, wanting her to fall for him? Because I found myself not sure WHO I wanted Melissa to end up with in this book. He seems to have a soft side somewhere deep down... but is it genuine?

And of course, we can't forget about Melissa's friend Nelson, because a part of me hopes they end up together, what with her playing Cupid for him and then seemingly ending up jealous. With Melissa planning to move to Paris, Nelson needs a new flatmate, and when he gets close with a girl Melissa set him up with, she starts feeling pangs of jealousy.

But back to Jonathan. Remember I am still not happy with him and he is very open to the idea of Melissa posing as Nicky's girlfriend, and even tells her to wear the wig. This is a complete 180 from the Jonathan we met before. Melissa is planning to move to Paris to start a life with Jonathan. He has a plan for the two of them to start a business together. He is very pushy about this though. In fact, it seems he almost cares more about their business plan than he does their marriage! And Melissa feels the same way. Take a point away for Jonathan with that one. And seriously?! Solange- Jonathan's assistant. He talks about her way too much! Take another point away from you Mr. Fancy Pants! And while we are at it, take away another point for never caring about what Melissa wants to do. Always running her around town for this meeting or that. It's always his way or the highway! Negative 3 points. If he thinks he has a fighting chance to win me over, he better make some serious changes (I say this as if I am in the book...)

So who will Melissa end up with? Will she go for the comfort of her long time friend? The wooing ways of a once playboy turned semi genuine prince? Or will Jonathan redeem himself and get back on the positive side of the scoreboard? Or will she just settle into being single? This is definitely a book you will not want to put down! And the bags under my eyes are proof of that! But the read was well worth it. I give this one a definite 5/5 stars!

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