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Day Care Easter Party

Have I mentioned how much I love Payton's day care? Because I do. Just wait until I show you the gift we got.... but since I am only now posting about Easter... it could be a while. Anyways... they had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and I took the day off to go spend with her in her class. And Tim went too. I have been messing around with my editing program so I did all of these pictures in black and white, but I did make a duplicate of one in color so you could see her outfit.

When we got there, we played with the babies and then we went and played Easter Bunny and "hid" the eggs. And by hid I mean we spread them all out all over a hallway. They loaded the kids up into the super stroller (I didn't share a picture of this because I don't want to put other people's children on the internet without permission) and took them to the hall to find eggs. And boy did they have fun.
 Payton saw some of the older kids looking inside the eggs and finding treats, so she of course had to figure out how to get inside one of these and get the magical treasure.
 And she got it!
 After all the eggs were collected and the candy was all picked up and put in the baskets (yes we remembered a basket this time- that may or may not have been due to our cluelessness last time... or the constant reminders we got in her school folder...) we trekked back to the classroom to have cookies. And boy did Payton enjoy...

We left and ran a couple errands and then went back to pick up Payton early because it was Braves opening day... and well that just might as well be a holiday in our house!

Up next... Payton's first time coloring eggs

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Payton's "Egg-stravaganza" (picture overload alert)

Whew- we have been busy. So busy that I am just now getting to the Easter festivities! But better late than never...right? Anyways- on March 31, we took Payton to her first ever Easter egg hunt. I had no IDEA what we were in for. First of all... we didn't even bring a basket! Who goes to an egg hunt without a basket?! Oh right- us! I was thinking "Oh it will be fine Payton probably will get one egg and be done anyways". Boy was I wrong. She loved getting the eggs and shaking them (they all had treats in them causing them to make noise... a 9 month old's delight). But more on that in a bit. We also didn't realize how BIG of an event this was going to be! It was ginormous. And I mean we had to park forever away... and did we have a stroller? No, of course not. Again, I was expecting a little to do. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were bounce houses (which she obviously did not take part in this year), animals to pet (she didn't care much for them), Mr. Easter Bunny himself, and of course the hunt. Since we were running late, we decided to save all the extra stuff and went straight to the egg hunt for her age group. Payton was ready to go...
 We weren't really sure if she would even go anywhere because at this point she still wasn't very sure about grass. But eventually we got her to go after the eggs.

 And she really enjoyed the eggs. She was very protective of her prizes.

 And then we took a couple pics of her and Aubrey.

After we were the last people on the field taking pictures (because really look at these two girls, how could we not take pictures?!) we finally left and went to explore the rest of the festivities. We waited in line to meet the Easter Bunny himself...

 And then we went to look at the animals. Payton really didn't care much about them but she was a good sport and sat on the pony for a picture.
 The last thing we did was go to the playground area and take Payton down a few slides.

We had a blast and have decided to definitely make this a yearly tradition... but next year, we will bring the stroller AND a basket.

Up next...matching dresses
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