10 months! BIG milestone hit!

We haven't taken Payton's 10 month pictures yet, but I wanted to get this posted and I will put in the pictures later on.
Payton's 10 month stats...

Sleep- Oh Payton please lets work on this. You are tossing and turning and waking yourself up. Mommy and daddy are too tired for all this fussing so you come cuddle with us and we never stay awake long enough to get you back in your bed. Which leads to you tossing and turning and kicking us in your sleep.... As of a couple weeks ago you are back to your normal sleep patterns. You even go to bed awake and fall asleep on your own with no sounds or anything on. I think your BIG MILESTONE (see later in the post) was causing you to not sleep well. You wake up between 6 and 7 and come lay in our bed until it is time for me to go to work. This is fine- we accept you are clearly a morning person. 
Feeding- We are starting to give you real foods now instead of baby foods, but we just started this. You are loving it though! As of Easter (4/8) you have pretty much abandoned baby foods. You will still eat your fruits and veggies and we will finish what we have, but you are pretty much on real food now.

birth- 6lbs 8oz
2 weeks- 7lbs 8oz
1 month- 8lbs 15oz
2 months- 10lbs 5oz
3 months- mommy's guess is 11lbs 13oz... I was close this time! 11lbs 11oz
4 months- mommy's guess is 14lbs 3oz (we will find out Thursday) I was close again! 13lbs 13oz
5 months- our at home estimate is 15lbs  due to a yucky cough we found out you weigh about 15lbs 10oz (dressed and diapered still)
6 months- at home guess 16 lbs 10oz but we will see on Dec 27 15lbs 12oz
7 months- our at home estimate is 17lbs 3oz
8 months- 17lbs 6oz so I guess our at home estimate last month was wrong because I don't think there was only a 3oz gain in a month
9 months- we haven't gotten on the scale this month so my guess would be 19lbs
10 months- 19lbs even

birth- 20 inches
2 weeks- 20 1/4 inches
1 month- 21inches
2 months- 23 inches
3 months- 24 inches
4 months- mommy's guess is 25 inches
5 months- we haven't busted out the tape measure but based on the past few months I would guess 26 inches. I will have to check one of these days
6 months- hmm I will guess 26.5 inches until Tuesday 27 inches!!
7 months- it doesn't seem like your height has changed much so I will guess 27.5
8 months- I was wrong last month... you are 27.5 this month
9 months- You seem to have gotten taller so I am going to guess 28.5
10 months- according to the Dr you haven't grown in 2 months! Still 27.5 

Diaper size- size 3s. I am guessing we will be in the 3s for a while. 

Clothing size- Still in a wide range of clothes. Mostly 6 months and up to 12 months but you still have a few things that are 3-6 months that fit. 

Hair color-
birth- brown and a lot of it
1 month- brown but it seems to be lightening and even getting mommy's natural red highlights (you can see them in the sun)- still a lot of it- but it seems she is losing some
2 months- it is looking a little more red in the sun and is thinning out- a lot. She has two bald spots in the back of her head now, instead of just the one she was born with.
3 months- looking brown again and the bald spot in the back is just a hot mess. It looks like we took scissors and cut a straight line clear across the middle. The dr is guessing most of the hair will fall out and grow in a different color.
4 months- oh Payton we are so sorry for this genetic letdown. Your hair is a beautiful color brown with natural red in it, however it is thinning and what isn't gone is a wavy, frizzy mess. I sure hope that changes!
5 months- Still brown with red highlights and seems to be curling a little bit. Nothing too drastic yet but it looks like you may have some curls, at least in your younger years.
6 months- brown and the bald spot in the back is finally starting to fill in
7 months- same as last month and that bald spot is almost gone. The top layer in the back is really long and looks kinda funny but it's cute.
8 months- brown hair, lots of it, no more bald spot!
9 months- wow you did not win the hair dna lottery. But you are beautiful regardless. There is lots of hair up there and it is semi curly when humid. In the sun you have natural red like mommy and sometimes you can even see some blonder spots.
10 months- light brown and you have one layer in the back that is longer than the rest. Your hair is getting lighter and you even have some natural red in it like I did when I was little. 

Eye color-
birth- brown/green with a blue outline
1 month- it appears she will have eyes like her daddy- some days they look green, other days brown, other days hazel, and even once or twice they have looked blueish gray.
2 months- they are more brown than green so I am guessing she will have big brown eyes.
3 months- still brown but they have their green days.
4 months- mostly brown but the green/hazel comes out every now and again
5 months- brown eyed girl
6 months- brown (lighter than mommy's)
7 months- I think it is safe to say we have a brown eyed girl
8 months- big and brown
9 months- beautifully brown
10 months- brown but not dark brown like mommy... just your own color brown

Favorite toy/entertainment- You love everything. No toy left behind in this house! You even will play with Roscoe's toys. And you just love to play with Roscoe. He is probably glad because you are the only one allowed to play tug of war with him. 

Nicknames- Payt and munchkin  

Funniest /Favorite moments- Our all time favorite has to be when we were at the Grizzlies game. You had just learned how to really clap and you were having so much fun cheering and clapping at the game. Anytime the crowd got excited, you would cheer nice and loud and clap away. You had such a good time and that is definitely a memory we won't forget!

You really want to walk but haven't figured it out yet. You are brave enough to let go of the walker and let daddy take it away but you just can't figure out how to make your feet move. On Easter you took two steps! 
You are a walker! You can even get up without the help of anything or anyone and will take off. Given the choice, you will walk. I can not believe that at 10 months old you are cruising around on your feet!
You are also getting your 3rd tooth. On the bottom. If this is anything like the first two it will take forever to come in. Still no top teeth.

St. Patrick's Day
Grizzlies Game
Easter Egg Hunt
Time meeting the Easter Bunny
Real foods


In just two months we will be celebrating your big one year birthday! I still can't believe that you are almost one already. Heck I think I am still in shock that we have such an amazing little girl. You were absolutely the best gift God could have given us and we are thankful every day that we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy, happy baby.

Mommy and Daddy

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Wordless Wednesday- Fresh Breath

(you should be able to click the picture to make it larger)

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Little Miss Independent

A few weeks ago Payton started rejecting her baby foods. I was thinking it was because she didn't like the flavor and/or consistency of the stage 3 meal foods we were giving her. I thought maybe she wanted to be able to feed herself. So I tried teaching her to use her spoon... and we didn't end up with any mess...

and this even worked... for a few days. After those few days she decided this wasn't showing off what a big girl she really was. And she started pulling her foods out of her mouth. So we decided she was ready for real food. And what did she try? Well- if you know me, you can guess it had to be macaroni and cheese since it has always been my favorite. And to say she loved it would be a severe understatement.

Payton is now eating real foods for the most part, with some baby fruits and veggies in there. She also loves the squeezable fruits. Our little girl is growing up so fast!

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To Grandma's House we went...

On our way home from vacation we made a pit stop to visit Payton's Grandma and Grandpa Charlie. They live just a few house away and were practically right on our way home so it was perfect. And Payton, of course, had the best time!When we got there Payton was given lots of fun...including bubbles! She loves to go outside and watch Daddy blow bubbles for her. So out we went...

Payton also got a Minnie Mouse cup with a straw... and with her newfound love of straws, this was perfect for her!

When we went back inside Payton tasted some fruits for the first time. She had cantelope...

and loved it. Then she tried kiwi. She wasn't as sure about this one...

but she ate it anyways. We stayed and visited for a bit but our short visit had to come to an end. :( Before we left we took some pictures.

Those last two pictures we took the same pose (in a different spot...we couldn't remember the exact spot we took them at) when we visited when Payton was just one month old. And for comparison..

What a difference 8 months makes huh? We had a great trip and visit and we can't wait to see them again!! Hopefully soon!

up next... little miss independent...

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Wordless Wednesday (kinda)

On "departure day" no one ever wants to leave... so we did a mini photo shoot with Payton to stall leaving. And now for the wordless part of our post...

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