Where we've been...

I just want to keep you all updated on where we are. Things have been very overwhelming here with my job which is why we haven't been posting. Payton is all over the place and I have pictures to post and stories to share, just no time to tell them. Her 7 month post has been typed since Jan 16 but I haven't had time to put pictures in. I am so glad that I have the followers I have and hopefully soon enough I will get back to posting! I have minimal time to even be on my computer anymore so as soon as I can, I will be back to reading your blogs and commenting. Believe me when I say I will read back as far as I have missed because I am that interested!
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  1. I know how you feel girl! With a baby blogging/reading blogs can feel like a chore.

  2. Payton is way too cute!!!! Happy almost 8 mos. old little Payton!!

    Following via Give a Hoot Blog Hop. Already following on GFC.

    Have a Blessed Day with Your Precious Payton!

  3. enjoy your free time with you baby! :)


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