More foods..

Payton has been trying lots of new things still. It takes us a while to introduce new foods because we are making sure she has no allergies and because we try to do it when we are both together. Sometimes that doesn't work out though.

On December 3, Payton tried Mum Mums- Banana flavored

On December 11, Peaches

On December 17, Bananas... in the car on the drive to Buffalo. Gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes..

On December 21, Pears... without daddy because he was already back home

On January 1, carrots

So far, still nothing Payton doesn't like. In fact, she even likes green beans now! After trying out fruits for a couple weeks, we went back to squash (a fan favorite apparently) and at first she made the ick face (which cracks me up but I can never catch it on camera) but then realized she liked them. And now... she knows getting in her high chair means she' getting the good stuff!

We also let her try some of our foods too (soft things)... mashed potatoes a couple times, bread (teeny tiny crumbs) from pizza crust or soft pretzels. She really enjoys everything so far. 

On December 31, she had some yogurt melts for the first time but we were out to dinner and the cell phone pics aren't really anything to see. So I will take pictures next time she eats those so you can see how much she loves them too!
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  1. The big question is....will she like PEAS?? I have yet to meet a baby that likes them :)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww, Payton is such a precious, beautiful girl. And this blog, as she grows, will be a treasure trove for her someday.

    I'm here from Saturday's Blog Hop "'s Saturday" and will join you with the Google Friend Connect.

    Happy Weekend.


  3. Maybe its the name.. lol. My Peyton never was big on baby food. It took me so long to get her to eat anything. Eventually she started eating them more and more but I think only because she was hungry lol. Shes always been a 'big people' food lover though. Now that shes 14 months old she loves carrots, green beans, squash, & all of the veggies she hated when she was a baby. Hopefully she finds something she LOVES soon. :)


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