Christmas came and went real quick... like it does every year. Except thanks to Payton taking her time opening presents we did get to drag out some presents until Jan 1. She started her celebrations on Christmas Eve by going to church. We came home and Payton looked outside to see if she could see Santa... he wasn't in town yet. So she settled for a story and a present from Mommy and Daddy...

Payton woke up the next morning and was anxiously waiting for Tim to get back in the house from taking Roscoe outside. She knew there were lots of presents for her under the tree and she wanted to waste no time digging in... And she truly appreciated her gifts. Until she started opening books that didn't make noise. She actually started figuring out what presents weren't worth her while lol. And don't worry, Roscoe of course got presents too. He got a couple toys, some bones, treats, and kong refills. He also knows how to open his presents and get the toy out. About halfway a quarter of the way through, Payton crashed. Tim and I took this time to open our gifts.

When Payton finally woke up, we got her ready and headed to my parents house, where Santa left lots of presents for her. She got Sophie, a laptop, a rocking horse, a popper, among many other toys. Santa was very nice to bring presents to both houses for Payton...

After dinner and dessert, we made our way back to our house so Payton could try to finish her presents here. She didn't... but she got the good stuff opened!

Click the pictures to make them bigger so you can read the captions.
And yes, all of these collages were made using My Memories software! I could have done a lot more with them and added embellishments, but in the interest of time (we are almost a week into January here) I thought better of it! They are really cute though right?!
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