Christmas in Buffalo

So we expected Payton to experience a White "almost Christmas" being that we traveled to Buffalo... we were wrong. It was a little cold but there wasn't a flake of snow. Even though Payton didn't get to have a white almost Christmas, she still had a good one. We celebrated Christmas after her Baptism... it was a really busy day and she did really good, never really fussing or anything. After she opened her baptism presents, she got Christmas presents from Great Grandma, Uncle Sean, and Aunt Toni. 

Show everyone what you got Payton
Taking a break to spend time with Uncle Sean
She loves him
Back to the presents
A book!!
After we finished here, we went to my Aunt Pat's house for Christmas. The kids had a good time together and Payton received lots of great gifts. I don't have pics of everything but here are a few pictures from that night.
You can't tell but this is a Minnie Mouse snow person

And this is the Mickey Snow person
And all the excitement finally wore her out and she knocked out!
Like I have said many times... it was a crazy busy day. But Payton behaved, she got to meet most of her family, and we had a great time... even if I may still be a little exhausted from the trip!
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