And so we partied...

We decided semi last minute to have a mini baptism/meet Payton party. As I mentioned before, it is very difficult to see everyone when we go to Buffalo, no matter how long we are there for, and Tim was only there 2 days. So at the last minute we called my grandma who was able to let us use a community room in her apartment building to host the party. It was hot as can be in there but I am grateful they let us use the room for free. The party wasn't anything fancy. We had subs from Wegmans, chips, wings, and cake. It worked out just fine and everyone got to spend time with Payton, which was what it was really all about anyways. So without further ado... party pictures

Cousin Angelo and his daughter Meadow (and Gram in the background there)

Hanging out with Grandpa
The V side of the family
The G side of the family (and friends)
The S side of the family (and Toni and Nadia)
The cousins-we might be a little Italian 
Opening her baptism presents
From Uncle Sean
Sorry boys, you won't be the first one to buy Payton something from Tiffany's
Because Aunt Toni got her a piggy bank from there
There aren't too many pictures that I took at the party because Payton was busy being a social butterfly. It was really nice for Payton to get to spend time with everyone!
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