The big day...

**Alert- Picture overload!**On December 18, Payton was baptized at the church that we were married at, by the priest that married us (and he also did my First Communion)... I may or may not have stalked him tracked him down when I became an adult so that I could continue to attend service at his church. He is just that good...

Anyways- we got Payton in her tights and put a onesie on until we got to church. I was not taking any chances that she spit up or have an explosion all over her dress. We got her in her snow suit (it was chilly in Buffalo) and headed off to church.

And even after we got her all ready, I kept a bib on her. Because I know Payton and I know if I took it off, she would have chosen just that moment to spit up all over.

There were six families celebrating a baptism today (see Fr. Dan is just that amazing!) and we were last. But Payton behaved the entire time! Here are some pictures from the baptism...

Getting blessed
Posing with her Godparents while waiting our turn
Our turn and Payton didn't cry! 
All of us
Sean lighting Payton's candle
Nadia blowing out the candle
The mamas with the babies
Father Dan and Payton... she knows how important he is

I wasn't leaving the church without a pic with him. We missed out on our wedding day

Tim's grandparents- who were more concerned about Payton than the pic :)

Us, my parents, brother, and niece

Getting ready to hang her name on the baptism tree (the directions said to have a Godparent do it, but we let Payton take part in everything- this was no exception)
Hanging her name

Posing by the tree with her beautiful necklace from Aunt Ash
And because this post is already loaded with pictures, I will do another post tomorrow with her party pictures!
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Payton takes a real road trip... Part 1

Payton turned six months on December 16, and in honor of that, what did we get her? A nice 15 hour car ride up to Buffalo to meet her family, get baptized, celebrate Christmas, and hang out with lots of people that love her to pieces. We left at about 11pm Friday night to drive up to Buffalo and it worked out perfect. Payton slept almost the entire car ride, didn't barely fuss unless she needed to eat or be changed, and really enjoyed the car while she was awake. But like every trip to Buffalo, it was chaotic from the minute we arrived. It doesn't matter how long we are there, it is never enough time and someone is always going to miss out on seeing us. This time, we were getting Payton baptized, and fairly last minute we decided to throw together a mini baptism/meet Payton party. This way everyone in our immediate families could meet her all at once. But more about the baptism/party will be in the next post. For now, let's focus on the amazing people Payton got to meet while she was spending time in Buffalo...

The first stop on our list was to Tim's grandparents. Due to him working in retail, he had to fly back here Monday and we had to make sure we got to see his family before Monday so he could visit too. It was tough but we did the best we could. Payton met Jackie and Frank (no pics, they were on their way out when we got there), got a super cool Mickey Mouse 3d blanket from Aunt Judy, met Uncle Jim, and of course met Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. She also tasted REAL pizza... ok maybe it was just the crust but Payton knows good food when she sees it!

Meeting grandma and grandpa for the first time... (can you tell how much they loved her? because she felt the same about them!)

The next day was the big day- the baptism and party- but that will be a picture overload and needs its own post. After that we had Christmas with my family (again, another post to come). Monday, Tim had to fly out so we went to his Grandma's and spent a little time with her since she wasn't home Saturday when we planned to go. She enjoyed every minute of Payton!

After this we took Tim to the airport and went out to Silver Creek to meet Aunt Susie and the crew. (Jamie already got to meet Payton a week before when she took a rest stop here on her way to Vegas.) And Payton was extra lucky to get to meet the Texas family because the kids loved having her there and brought her plenty of toys to play with, as you will see... (and today was the day she learned how to sit completely unsupported and play... thanks Texas family for teaching Payton to sit and play!)

Finally Payton met Jackie and Jarrett (and somehow they snuck out without me getting any pictures...), she met Jaime, Danielle, and Little Austin. She loved Austin... maybe a little too much since she kept trying to get him to wake up and play with her!

And all the while we were staying with my cousin Janine and Payton loved every minute of that!! (Sorry Janine but I just love this pic so I have to post it!)

It was crazy and chaotic, but look at all the love for her!

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Santa I got a Christmas list too...

On December 9, we took Payton to see Santa in our local mall. She had the perfect outfit picked out and Nonny and Papa came with us. I thought for sure the line would be out of control being that it was a Friday night, but there was not a single person in line! Payton loved the Big Guy again! Here are a few photos of that meeting...

After the big meeting, we took Payton to Starry Nights. We originally had her on my lap in the back seat but then we stopped and switched to the front so she could look out the front window. At 5mph I figured this was ok. She LOVED everything about looking at the lights. We got to (what we thought was) the end and got out to see what was around. And while we were walking, Payton found her carriage!

We found out that we weren't at the end and had already put Payton in her car seat. So instead of rearranging all of us again, we let her kneel in her seat. You can tell she was really loving it!

We decided not to take any pictures on our camera of the lights because we were more interested in watching Payton take it all in. It was really a great time and we are hoping next year we can make it on one of the days that they leave open for you to walk through instead of drive through.

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