The Thanksgiving attire that wasn't...

I think I may have mentioned that Payton had a lot of Christmas outfits... Well she also has 6 thanksgiving outfits. So she started wearing them yesterday and I had plans to take such cute pictures of her in them... All I can show you are cell phone pics so far because each outfit has had its own tragedy.

Yesterday Payton wore this cute shirt I made for her (which taught me I really need an embroidery machine to do all this for me but that's a whole different story).

Well after getting home from work Payton decided it was a perfect time to have an explosion. So outfit number one was done with no real pictures.

Onto today's outfit. It was Thanksgiving feast day at her school so I made her a dress to wear and my friend Michelle made her a little turkey clip. Tim got her all decked out and everyone of course raved about the cuteness of the attire.

When Tim sent me the daily "picked up from day care picture" I noticed Payton wasn't in her outfit. Apparently a little girl had red jello at school today and dropped a piece. Payton is so quick that the teacher couldn't get there fast enough before Payton had it smushed in her hands and all over her shirt. So day two outfit was over.

We have outfits for the rest of the week including 2 for thanksgiving day. We will see how those go!

PS we do have a 5 month post started I just have to get the pictures hopefully this week. Plus a Nashville mini getaway post.

and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Danielle and Austin on the birth of Little Austin. He is absolutely adorable and definitely going to be a ladies man, flexing his muscles already! 

Professor Hinkle

You know him right? The magician in Frosty the Snowman who makes Frosty melt... Anyways he said it best when he said "Busy Busy Busy". Not only have I been busy- which is why I haven't posted in a while and didn't even post yesterday to say happy 5 months to our beautiful girl, but busy is exactly what Payton will be from now until the New Year! This girl needs her own event calendar! So while I've been slacking on the blogging (due to stress and personal issues that I don't want to get into here), we will be returning shortly because we definitely need to share all of the fun winter/holiday happenings in our household. Not to mention Payton has 25 days of winter/Christmas attire (actually more than 25...). And it all starts this weekend... Her events for the next month include:
Decorating for christmas
Zoo lights
Pink palace
Visiting Santa more than once
Starry nights
Getting baptized
Thanksgiving feast at school
Christmas party at school
Christmas party in buffalo
Meeting little Austin
6 month birthday
New years eve
These obviously aren't in any logical order and there may be more that I can't think of right now. Just be on the look out for all these posts including at the very least a daily outfit post starting next week because she also has 4 or 5 thanksgiving outfits!

And since I am posting this from my phone and have no clue how it's going to work- ill show you some cell phone pics to make up for being MIA!

"I want nummies!"

Well, the day came (on Oct 20th... again, a little late here) for Payton to finally get to try her rice cereal. And of course we got one picture, and the camera died. But no worries we had pictures on our phone. Since I have no desire to load them from our phone to the computer at this time, I am giving you pictures of her 2nd time trying rice cereal.

Here I'll just give this back to you!
Yuck! No thanks!

It's so much easier to just stuff it in with my hands!
And here are a couple pictures from another attempt at the cereal.

She really wasn't fond of the rice cereal. So we tried mixing some apples in it and she still wasn't too fond. She ate it but wasn't thrilled. So after a week or so of the rice, we switched to oatmeal and she LOVES it! She can't get enough. Maybe we will try rice again, but maybe not.
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Zoo Boo

A couple weeks ago (see I told you I was a little behind) we took Payton to the Zoo Boo. It was our first time and, obviously, her first time. It was pretty cute and I think it will be even better when she is older and can actually trick or treat there. They had some cute decorations and shows going on. Payton was perfectly content to just hang out and people watch. We thought for sure she would end up cranky or tired because it was late and time to eat, but she didn't. She was so excited about everything that she waited until we got in the car to even show signs of hunger. And she didn't fall asleep until we were about to leave. Payton dressed up as Tigger for this event. Our friends gave us the costume for her as a gift and we thought it was a fitting costume for the zoo.

And just as we walked in, she spotted a rhino wearing the same costume!
"Can you believe it mom? We have the same thing on!"

Getting ready to watch the dancers

Wiped out after her big night!
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Halloween Costume

For Halloween, Payton dressed up as Minnie Mouse. She was Minnie Mouse for her school party as well. I absolutely loved this costume (and it's simplicity) and I am so glad we got it instead of an extravagant costume with layers of tulle and who knows what else. And she looked pretty darn cute if I do say so myself... (and here comes an overload of pictures because I can never just pick a couple...)

Mickey and Minnie :)

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Ok so we are a little behind...

I ran out of steam last week and never got all the Halloween posts, so for those of you that just LOVE Halloween... it is your lucky few days because we are going to wrap up the Halloween posts. Those of you that may not be real fans of Halloween, well just look at Payton in all her cuteness and don't get mad that I am still posting about Halloween over a week late!

We left off with Payton having created a beautiful piece of art. One that I just don't want to get rid of (but I also don't want a stinky house). But thanks to pinterest I have found this idea and this idea. So letting go of the pumpkin won't kill me too much... when it is completely rotted out and starting to smell.... Anyways... it was time for us to carve our pumpkins. Tim had a master plan of what he wanted to do and it took forever for me to make the pattern for it and figure out just where to cut and not cut so he didn't end up with a hole in his pumpkin. Of course, he didn't follow my very clear instructions... but that is for another day. My pumpkin, I just used a pattern from a book.

But this post isn't about our pumpkins... it is about the fact that I let Payton stick her hand in the gunk. I thought it would be fun for her to play in that mess. And so we have... Payton's first experience with pumpkin gunk...

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