A week's worth of Halloween...

I know I know we have been semi MIA! But I have been trying to get caught up with things on the to do list and Payton has been very busy with all kinds of Halloween fun! So even though today is Halloween... you are going to get a week's worth of Halloween related posts, because I haven't done them yet! And most of them are going to be mostly pictures... they speak for themselves.

My friend Michelle made Payton the cutest pillowcase dress. She wore it to daycare and got feathers all over the place. Tim assured them this was a one time deal. But it was so cute I had to show it off to more than just our family. And after day care, we of course had to have a mini photo shoot!

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4 months (better late than never)

Where is the time going? Can it just slow down now? It feels like just yesterday we were patiently waiting for Payton to come. And already 4 months have gone by. I just love watching Payton grow and learn new things. Watching her take in all of her surroundings is just amazing. I love watching all of her mini milestones take place, but each teeny tiny milestone means that time is passing us by. (And since we have lots of Halloween attire, we did her 4 month pictures in one of her Halloween outfits that I just love!)
Sleep- This is changing a bit. Bed time is still usually between 8:30 and 9:30 but if we had a busy day and naps were out of the ordinary, you have been know to stay up until 11pm. This doesn't bother us since we are up anyways and it doesn't make you cranky. You wake up for the day between 6:30 and 7:30 but lately have been deciding that at 5:00ish that you want your paci back. I am hoping this will stop because it is difficult to have to keep waking up to find a paci. You take a nap after your morning bottle and then wake up for the day. Usually after your afternoon bottle (or near 1:30-2:00) you take your afternoon nap. And then your last nap is about 45 minutes before your last bottle. It is a weird schedule, but you are a happy baby so we don't mess with it.
Daily Routine- Well this has been a little different with Daddy's job situation so your routine is pretty much the same as last month, except currently you get to spend more time with Daddy. Wake up for breakfast bottle, then nap. Wake up and play. Eat and play. Nap. Wake up and play. Eat and play. Nap, wake up, eat. Bath. Play. Bed. Pretty simple.
Feeding- You are eating 7 ounces every 4 hours but sometimes last longer than that. We have started giving you 8 ounces for your bedtime bottle because you were not sleeping your normal amount. Sometimes you don't eat all 7 (or 8) because you would rather try to hold the bottle yourself and play with it. That is usually a sign that you are done eating (and it is usually less than an ounce that you leave). Your cheeks are filling out so we say that is where you are storing all your extra food!
birth- 6lbs 8oz
2 weeks- 7lbs 8oz
1 month- 8lbs 15oz
2 months- 10lbs 5oz
3 months- mommy's guess is 11lbs 13oz... I was close this time! 11lbs 11oz
4 months- mommy's guess is 14lbs 3oz (we will find out Thursday) I was close again! 13lbs 13oz
birth- 20 inches
2 weeks- 20 1/4 inches
1 month- 21inches
2 months- 23 inches
3 months- 24 inches
4 months- mommy's guess is 25 inches
Diaper size- this has been interesting. The pampers 1s are starting to be too small (or so we thought), so we put you in the one box of 1-2s that we have. Those fit really well, but sadly were giving you diaper rash. So we tried the Huggies size 2s and those are still too big. So we went back to Pampers 1s and are having no problems. Hopefully by the time these are gone, the Huggies 2s will fit.
Clothing size- most of your 0-3 month stuff fits still and you have been wearing your 3month clothes too. We have also started putting you in 3-6 month things (even though they are a little big). You are in 3-6 month pajamas though because you are just so long!
Hair color-
birth- brown and a lot of it
1 month- brown but it seems to be lightening and even getting mommy's natural red highlights (you can see them in the sun)- still a lot of it- but it seems she is losing some
2 months- it is looking a little more red in the sun and is thinning out- a lot. She has two bald spots in the back of her head now, instead of just the one she was born with.
3 months- looking brown again and the bald spot in the back is just a hot mess. It looks like we took scissors and cut a straight line clear across the middle. The dr is guessing most of the hair will fall out and grow in a different color.
4 months- oh Payton we are so sorry for this genetic letdown. Your hair is a beautiful color brown with natural red in it, however it is thinning and what isn't gone is a wavy, frizzy mess. I sure hope that changes!
Eye color-
birth- brown/green with a blue outline
1 month- it appears she will have eyes like her daddy- some days they look green, other days brown, other days hazel, and even once or twice they have looked blueish gray.
2 months- they are more brown than green so I am guessing she will have big brown eyes.
3 months- still brown but they have their green days.
4 months- mostly brown but the green/hazel comes out every now and again
Favorite toy/entertainment- oh Zoey is definitely your favorite toy. You love her so much we were on the hunt for a 2nd one to take to day care with you. We couldn't find another so we bought you a pink elephant that is the same concept as Zoey. She does the job just fine. You LOVE the jumperoo and are starting to figure out how to jump a little bit. I really think your ultimate favorites are the iphone (you now have your own since mommy got a new one- now you can play baby piano all you want) and the computer keyboard. You just LOVE to type. We gave you daddy's old one for his ipad to play with, but I think you knew that wasn't making stuff show up on the screen because you kept going for the real deal. And your fingers- we just can't keep them out of your mouth! Our fingers too! You love to battle to get them in your mouth. You also are starting to love your bath toys. Particularly, you love the temperature pig (the piggy that tells if the water is too hot) and the blue ring. If you lose them, you kick and splash until we help you get them. It is adorable.
Nicknames- Pretty Girl, Baby Girl, Stinks, Chunka Monka, Princess, Chunker Butts, Miss Tish, Stinker Butt, The Prettiest Girl, The Biggest Girl, Pretty Girl Payton, Stinker Pot, Pretty Pretty Payton, Chunksters... I am sure there are more things we call her I just can't think of them right now. She is going to hate us when she finds some of these out LOL
Funniest moments- I don't think there was ONE funny moment that stands out. We are laughing all the time with you and just love every little thing you do. It is really funny when you try to blow raspberries at us. You could do that for hours I think, probably because you love to show off your tongue and that's what ends up happening. The tongue and all your drool comes out and we get slobber all over us. But it's ok.  
Favorite moment- I think my favorite moment this past month was taking you to the Pumpkin Patch. You were just so happy and everyone thought you were the cutest little girl ever. Which reminds me, another favorite moment is when we took you to Mistletoe Merchants. You were smiling and talking to everyone. I just love to see you so happy and growing so much. Just a few months ago all you did was sleep and now you are vocal and smiling all the time. You are our pride and joy and we just love to show your cuteness to the world!
You now sleep completely swaddle free- it took a while but you are finally without the swaddle.

You are getting more and more vocal. Sometimes, we can't hear anything over you. And it isn't crying. It is talking and yelling. One night when I was talking to Nonny, you were so loud I had to stop talking because Nonny couldn't hear me.

You have completely discovered your feet and are always trying to get them and get them in your mouth. You will hold them up by your head when we are changing your diaper (this is fairly new) which makes it hard to put a clean diaper on.

You are sitting up (with support) all of the time. You really only want to lay down if it is nap time. You are either in your bumbo, propped on your boppy, or leaning against mommy or daddy. You are pretty good at supporting yourself on your hands/forearms while sitting. You can do it for a good amount of time before you topple over. It is just amazing to me!

You are always grabbing things. You have officially figured out how to grab what you want and get it where you want it. This isn't accidental anymore. If you want a toy in your mouth you manage to get it there. You are even trying to hold your own bottle. You can hold it once about half of the formula is gone, and you try to get it into your mouth yourself, but for some reason you end up getting it on your nose. It is very cute to watch you try and see your little mouth getting so excited to get the bottle.

You started to laugh about a week ago but you gave yourself the hiccups and haven't done it since. We keep trying but it just isn't happening. With all your smiling you do, we would have thought you would be laughing up a storm by now. But we wait.

time playing in the jumperoo and loving it!
time at the zoo
time watching the Bills beat the Patriots! (hey this is a big deal... 15 game losing streak against them is now over!)
time purposely grabbing toys and getting them in your mouth
heartbreak by the Bills
time talking to your friend in the mirror (we do this almost everyday now)
time in the bath without the net (you just wanted to get out of that thing too bad)
time in the big bath
cold :( we had to use the booger sucker so many times but you were such a champ, smiling most of the time
autographed Bills merchandise
time rolling over belly to back at day care (you do this at home but they never saw you and were just so proud of you)
time at Mistletoe Merchants (and boy did you get tons of attention)
trip to the pumpkin patch
time grabbing your feet and trying to eat them
time holding your feet at your head (during a diaper change, which made it difficult to put the clean dipe on)
school pictures (we can't wait to see them and check everyday for them to be posted)
time mommy and daddy tried to tell you no- we were in the best buy mobile store and you just wanted to take everything off the counter. You were not making a mess but we were trying to prevent all of the stuff from going down domino style.
iphone- yes since mommy and daddy finally got new phones, you inherited mommy's old one so you can play all you want. 


Every night I thank God for blessing us with such a beautiful little girl. I can't imagine where we would be if we hadn't decided to start our family. And you were the perfect first addition. You are the happiest baby and everyone who comes in contact with you just can't get enough. Even our family in Buffalo know you are always happy just from seeing your pictures. I keep telling daddy that you just don't get this lucky twice (even though we are hoping if we someday do give you a brother or sister that he or she is just as happy as you are). You can always put a smile on our faces, no matter how rough things are going. I look forward to coming home and seeing your bright, smiling face. And watching you grow everyday is just so amazing. In such a short amount of time you have learned so much. You definitely know when people are talking about your cuteness. And even when you are sad, you smile. Oh Payton if only you could stay this tiny just a little bit longer! But I know, you are a growing baby. As much as I want to see some of your milestones (rolling over and laughing more specifically), I know you are doing things on your own time, just as you have been since you were conceived. And now- we wouldn't want it any other way. We can't wait to see what you discover and do this month!
Mommy and Daddy

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What's in a name?

I am not sure if I ever did a post on how we came up with Payton's name. So here is that post...

First, let me tell you, working with kids makes it very difficult to pick a name for your child. I have loved so many names that have been ruined because of a student I taught that had the name that either drove me crazy, or put a stereotype on the name (in my head). Or just noticing that a name has become too common. I used to love the name Bella for a girl (because it means beautiful in Italian). Enter stupid vampire saga Twilight and Bella goes on the rise... meaning it went right out our door.

A long time ago, I was watching the movie "The Game Plan" (yes, the one with The Rock) and his daughter in the movie was named Payton. She was positively adorable and I instantly loved the name Payton for a girl. Whenever Tim and I talked about names he would tell me no Payton because he didn't like Peyton Manning (sorry Manning fans). He also said he didn't want his future daughter to have a big forehead like Manning. We went back and forth on a bunch of girl names (before we were even pregnant and before finding out Payton was a girl) but we just couldn't agree on one. We did come up with a boy name pretty quick and kinda put the girl name on the back burner because there was nothing we agreed on. Since Tim always told me no about Payton prior to even being pregnant, I stopped bringing it up, thinking he was serious.

About a week or two before finding out we were having a girl, something in me had a feeling we needed a girl name. So we brought it back up and I eventually found out Tim was only kidding about the Payton excuses and he actually liked the name. He did have one requirement to use that name though... it could NOT be spelling like Manning. So, we have Payton.

That is not the end of the story. I always wanted our little girl to have Marie for her middle name. It is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my nonny's first name. However, if her middle name was going to be Marie... that made her initials... PMS. Could you do that to your girl?! I sure couldn't. So.. it was either give up the first name we both agreed on and loved. Or give up the middle name. It was a huge battle in me to give up Marie, but in the end, I love that we came up with something different. I wanted a name that wasn't common (and as of now it is not). She doesn't have Marie, but maybe when she makes her confirmation, she will pick Mary as her confirmation name. And there is a little part of me, her nonny, and my nonny in her- even if she doesn't have "Marie".

And look at her... she IS a Payton Grace. :)

And if you haven't entered her 4month birthday giveaway- check it out here. I will pick a winner Saturday. Her 4 month update should be coming soon! It is all typed, we just have to get the pictures taken and put in!

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