Mini daycare update...

Payton just LOVES daycare. And you are probably thinking "yea ok crazy, how would you know? She can't tell you!"
This is how I know... (Tim sends me a picture when he drops her off and when he picks her up. It helps me get through the days.)

And they just love her. We aren't the only people who think she is the best baby...

And just this past Tuesday, she had her first fire drill!! She didn't even cry. I am so proud of our little big girl!

And on Mondays, my friend Becca keeps Payton.... and seriously, could these two be any cuter?! They were sharing secrets.... or plotting their future attacks on Becca... not sure which. Either way- cute as a button! Little James there is coming to love Payton... Daddy better be on the lookout for his little girl!!

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  1. New follower! She is adorable, so glad she loves daycare, makes it that much easier! Can't wait to get to know you!

  2. I love this post!!! I am so glad she likes daycare and that they love her (of course). That picture is too cute of our two darlings! We really have a good time on Mondays! I may just have to stay away from Starbucks ;-)

  3. This is the cutest picture of the 2 of them...i'm so glad she will have James to protect her when she gets older :)


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