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I know we haven't been such good bloggers lately. I told you going back to work was going to be rough! But... I have managed to get almost all of my work done for next week already, which means... lots of posts to be coming in the next few days. I plan to get plenty posts ready this weekend because I know some people have been waiting for updates. I will tell you, being back at work, is for the birds! I feel like I have no time with Payton and the time I do have, she naps, eats, plays for a little bit, then spends a short 30 minutes with Tim and it is bed time. So you can understand why we haven't been posting much, right? We also plan on taking some more "posed" (as posed as you can get with this little one) pictures this weekend and have a bunch to share from the past week... Tim took lots of pictures when he was home with her.

P.S. I know most of you have facebook... can you please go to this page, click "like" on the Buffalo Bills page (you don't have to truly like them... I don't mind if it is your least favorite team in the world) and then vote for Payton's picture? We have less than 3 weeks left and some other pictures are coming out of nowhere and catching up. Please help keep Payton in the top 5!

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  1. There isn't much time when you have young children, blogging takes a backseat usually over the summer holidays. The first few weeks of summer saw a slump in my comments and stats because so many people have to prioritise.

    Following you from the Weekend Blog hop till you drop. Have a great weekend.


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